• His huge painting "Manifest Destiny" brings to life one possible result.

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  • Language is not other than speech; it is perpetually manifest in speech, right?


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  • if they didn't have gambling, I think that, that behavior would manifest itself in another way.


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  • But there is a lot of uncertainty, and of course that is manifest in the share price which has lost about 40 percent of its value over the course of the past six or seven weeks."

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  • His poetic talent, his poetic promise, his poetic ripeness - it hasn't yet burgeoned or made itself manifest.


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  • "Manifest destiny,and so forth. And I think most of the world probably feels it is in the same situation as Astrix and his village Gaullois in that we can identify with that sense of wanting to hold out and resist against the encroaching powers.

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  • You had to manifest strength, and firmness, and bravery, and worthy deeds that would be recognized as being real deeds by contemporaries.

    沙皇要展现出雄才武略 刚强坚毅,勇敢无畏,并且在史书写满功绩,能被当代人看做不世之功

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  • He believed that dreams had a manifest content, meaning; "manifest" meaning what you experience in your dream.


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  • We usually only talk about Manifest Destiny when we're talking about the westward movement beyond the Mississippi.


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  • There is a kind of manifest and knowing confusion of the two in literature-- and Freud always says that the poets preceded him in everything that he thought--which suggests that it is rather hard to keep these things separate.


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  • And deep at the root of Manifest Destiny, of course and there's book after book written on this is a deep and abiding American white supremacy.


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  • But Manifest Destiny was in some ways the fuel of the American imagination.


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  • I leave it to my expert colleagues in History of the American West to decide exactly who came up with the term Manifest Destiny, who actually first used it.


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  • And Manifest Destiny was the engine of capitalism, make no mistake.


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  • But Manifest Destiny was a very old American idea.


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  • A Christian civilization was deeply at the root of this cluster of ideas we call Manifest Destiny, as was a virulent kind of nationalism that boomed after the War of 1812 and through the 1820s into the 1830s.


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  • You need a hero to help you, and having that hero, encountering the other mind as helper, is what obviates the tendency, even in a nice guy like Tony, toward narcissism which is manifest in the "I," "I," "I" at the beginning of the story.


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  • That is to say, the text is there to express desire, to put in motion, and to make manifest desire or a desire.


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  • The dream work simultaneously condenses and displaces that which it is somehow or another struggling to make manifest as its object of desire.


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  • We have to assume, though, in the context of a reading of this kind that it's a push toward a state in which the little yellow garage and the unnarratable junkyard are manifest as one and the same thing.


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manifest destiny 天定命运

assembly manifest [计]程序集清单;装配件清单

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