• "This one is "Variations on K", because this is the word kiss in every language, including sign language.

    VOA: special.2009.11.04

  • So that even a text like the Decalogue, which is represented as being the unmediated word of God, can appear in more than one version.


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  • That's not meant to be a bad word but suggests being influenced, one might say, in the sense of "open the window and influenza," by those signs that precede it.


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  • For example, one word in the native language Carrier spoken in British Colombia means "he gives me an object like the fruit blueberries."

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  • And this is the one exception I said to when in the New Testament you see the word scripture, it refers to Jewish scripture.


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  • One of these words is even in the Special English Word Book.

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  • To receive in the closing pages of your book one word of recognition for this aspiration, if it were possible for you to give such recognition honestly, would hearten all who believe in American ideals.


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  • One in five said that word of mouth - getting advice from friends - was an important source of information.

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  • And, in a sense, one could say maybe this is not Plato's last word, I mean why does Socrates choose to stay and drink the hemlock?


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  • I have two thoughts, one is that in Hebrew the word yare, both the word for fear and the word for awe.


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  • And in Scratch did you probably see the key word "and" on one of the blocks.


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  • It could be the letter understood either graphically or audibly, and the variety of ways in which one can choose a basic unit in the study of linguistics means that you need a special word for that unit, which is characteristically "the tagmeme."


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  • In the grammatical sense, this word is the means or principal of predication whereby we say one thing is another thing: the mare is the female of the horse, for example.


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