• The idea is that the matter we see does not have enough gravitational pull to keep galaxies together.

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  • When the charge is applied, if the upper plate is negative, we would expect that the negative droplet would be repelled at a rate exceeding the gravitational fall.


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  • so first of all, Cal Tech has a very strong group in gravitational wave physics,


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  • But others note that Jupiter's powerful gravitational field can just as easily send an object into Earth's path as push it deeper into space.

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  • Everything -- gold, silver, diamonds, particles -- everything accelerates the same way in a gravitational field, due to this remarkable fact.


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  • For much of the past century there were average global increases of 1.7 millimeters a year, but that rate doubled between 1993 and 2007.(мظ) Some regions, notably Western Australia have suffered more than others, partly,scientists say, because of how gravitational pull affects tides.

    VOA: standard.2009.11.09

  • You know, if you want to measure the potential energy of something in a gravitational field, you have to define the zero somewhere, right, because it's arbitrary. You can set it anywhere you want. It's the same with enthalpy.


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  • You might be winded doing it the second way, but when you get to the top and you are at the 60th story your gravitational potential is independent of how you got there.


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  • We live in a gravitational field and that it affects our day to day life, and if you have hip pain or a hip that's diseased in some way, and you can't stand up against that gravitational field in the same way, that severely limits what you can do in the world.


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  • And actually like, this gravitational waves is one of the last proofs...


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  • Because positing them allows you explain things about the rotation of the star or the gravitational fluctuations, what have you.


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  • Whether you take the elevator to the top of the Hancock Tower or whether you walk up the stairs, the change in gravitational potential is identical.


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  • By the way, that's a very remarkable property of the gravitational force-- the cancellation of the two ms.

    顺便说一下,这是重力的一个重要属性,即可以消去等式两边的 m

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  • It is the same thing as gravitational energy.


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  • for he meant actually that we will never observe gravitational waves.


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  • Other is gravitational mass, which is the measure of how much you're attracted to the Earth.


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  • It's not talking about the gravitational pull of the Earth on an object.


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  • In fact, there's a property of gravitational fields anywhere, even in outer space, but there is some residual field between all the planets and all the stars in the universe, that the force on a body is proportional to the mass of the body.


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gravitational field [物]引力场,重力场

gravitational force 万有引力,地心引力;重力

gravitational potential 引力势,重力势

gravitational wave 引力波;重力波

gravitational acceleration 重力加速度

gravitational separation 重力分离;用比重不同的方法分离

gravitational potential energy [力]重力势能;引力势能

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