• "One of the things we need to start doing is to get ahead of the curve by trying to anticipate additional methods that can be used against us and closing the gaps before those gaps are exploited,"

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  • By the way, it's critical that they should stay in formation; nobody should get ahead of anybody else.


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  • One of those sins, I think, that needs to be purged is clearly the sin of eagerness or over-anticipation, the drive to move ahead of oneself and the drive to get ahead of others .


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  • He tells us, to get a little bit ahead of ourselves, that justice is helping your friends and harming your enemies.


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  • And if we go ahead and square that, then what we get is a probability density, and specifically it's the probability of finding an electron in a certain small defined volume away from the nucleus.


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  • And we're going to come back to that idea too way at the end of the class, but that's getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but we'll get there.


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  • You can make an A in this class by writing your paper as far enough ahead of time that you can take it to a writing tutor and get the writing tutor to help you get the style better, and then turn that version in.


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