• The first is to help the Mexican government crack down on the powerful drug cartels that operate along the border.

    VOA: standard.2009.03.24

  • So, it frees you from some of Apple's tethers and this was the code that circulated on the Internet iPhone with which people could crack their iPhones.


    哈佛公开课 - 计算机科学课程节选

  • I can change everything overnight; it does happen. I put that in for a reason because sometimes some of you have not taken a physics course and you don't know how to do well in physics and slowly you catch on and by the time it's Final exam you crack the code; you know how to do well.


    耶鲁公开课 - 基础物理课程节选

  • "It's a horizontal motion of two pieces of the Earth's crust on either side of a vertical crack in the Earth,"

    VOA: standard.2010.01.13

  • "We are very pleased,and it is part of our ongoing effort to crack down on off-shore tax evasion.

    VOA: standard.2009.08.19

  • Former Federal Reserve economist Alan Viard tells VOA that efforts to crack down on tax evasion and save American jobs are always politically popular.

    VOA: standard.2009.05.04

  • Every once in awhile, the rangers must crack down on reckless pilots of air boats that skim across the swamp, endangering themselves and others and tearing up delicate foliage.

    VOA: standard.2010.03.29

  • Safdar Abbassi,a senator and long time PPP member who had close ties to Benazir Bhutto, told VOA that Mr.Zardari's recent actions to crack down on anti-government protests have provoked dissension within the party.

    VOA: standard.2009.03.13

  • That is something that we can stop," President Calderon has repeatedly urged the United States to crack down on arms shipments south of its border, saying 90 percent of weapons in the hands of drug traffickers originate in the U.S.

    VOA: standard.2009.04.17

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