• "I think it is too premature and too early for us to say we have come to an end of the pandemic influenza worldwide,".

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  • What conclusions would we come to about the nature of death if we had to think about it from a secular perspective?


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  • But I think it's better to come study here rather than stay in Spain just because of the system again.


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  • But, I think what most of you, actually having MIT come to MIT, have probably realized is sometimes it's nice to major in a science, because you can't just pick up a reaction and do it in your kitchen on the weekend, where as you can sometimes join a book group and do that.


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  • Many of you've probably read this, come across this, but I think this captures so well the foundation of what it means to be actively accepting.


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  • Now since I think that the arguments I'm about to sketch-- and I've just started sketching the first of is fails I hope you'll think it over and you'll eventually come to agree with me, yeah, these arguments don't really work after all.


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  • As a matter of fact, it's so widely believed that asset allocation is the most important tool that I think some people have come to the conclusion that it's some sort of law of finance that asset allocation is the most important tool.


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  • so I think that people just want to come and see all of it and be a part of it.


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  • As presumptuous as that desire is, to come before Homer or to come before Virgil, it's by no means the final sense, I think, of Milton's ambitious drive to be first. Milton invokes the same heavenly muse here who inspired Moses, that shepherd.


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