• Biden explained the advantages of the new system: "Our new phased adaptive approach to missile defense is designed to meet a growing threat, not only to the United States, but first and foremost to Europe,"

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  • The immune system that we're used to thinking about is called the adaptive immune system, and the adaptive immune system does just that.


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  • And it's actually critically important to get used to things because it's a useful adaptive mechanism to keep track on new events and objects.


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  • So this--the seeking out fat, sugar, and variety is a highly evolved, adaptive evolutionary trait.


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  • There are two types of adaptive immune responses and they're called humoral immune responses.


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  • Rather, it's because this is a perfectly this is the adaptive strategy of the toxoplasmosis virus.


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  • From this perspective, dreams serve no adaptive function at all but rather they're epiphenomena.


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  • That shouldn't be too surprising given what we talked about last week, that your immune system, the adaptive immune system in particular, responds to individual antigens differently.


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  • The females do their spontaneous abortions because that's a reliable adaptive trick.


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  • That efficient metabolism that banks calories is highly efficient, highly important, highly adaptable, under circumstances where food is scarce, but not efficient and not adaptive under modern food conditions in the developed world.


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  • The other part of the adaptive immune system is the cell mediated immune system and this is an immune where that doesn't involve antibodies but involves cells that are activated in response to a foreign antigen and that utilize cellular means to get rid of it.


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  • Now these parts of the world are shrinking in the number; but let's say you lived in Ethiopia or Somalia, or places where food really is scarce way too much of the time, then having this particular biological drive, having a brain that wants you to seek out these foods would be highly adaptive.


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  • We're usually talking about adaptive immunity here.


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adaptive control 自适应控制,适应性控制;自适控制

adaptive filter 自适应滤波器

adaptive system [计]自适应系统

adaptive capacity 适应能力,适应潜能

adaptive control system 自适应控制系统;适应式控制系统

adaptive ability 自适应能力

adaptive optics 自适应光学;适应性光学仪器(天文学使用的镜子,其形状可以改变以补偿光线受大气之扭曲)

adaptive mechanism 适应机制;顺应机制

adaptive response 适应性反应

adaptive equalization 自适应均衡;[电]配接等化;均一化调整

adaptive immunity 适应性免疫;获得性免疫;继承性免疫

adaptive process 适应过程;自适应过程

adaptive antenna 自适应天线

adaptive value 适应值

adaptive behavior 适应性行为

adaptive faculty 适应能力,适应力

adaptive phase 适应阶段

adaptive receiver 自适应接收机

adaptive radiation 适应辐射,适应性扩张;趋异

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