• 线煤层走向一定角度

    There is a certain angle between caving line and coal seam strike.


  • 插嵌41)相对多功能托架1纵向轴线9一定角度走向

    The insertion wall (41) runs in an angle to a longitudinal axis (9) of the multifunctional bearer (1).


  • 角度走向最大水平主应力方向一致后期水平应力原生裂缝保持作用;

    When the high-angle fracture has the same direction with the maximum horizontal stress, the subsequent horizontal stress will preserve the primary fracture.


  • 后期水平应力角度裂缝改造作用。当角度走向最大水平应力方向一致时,后期水平应力对原生裂缝保持作用

    The horizontal orientation of the fracture was confirmed, and the rebuilding effect of subsequent horizontal stress on the high-angle fractures was analyzed.


  • 所有编程最终服务于目标某种角度来说,程序走向用户客户的。

    All programming ultimately serves a larger purpose where the application is going to help a customer or client in some way.


  • 通过我国科学史系统化发展特征、系统动力机制未来走向研究,系统论角度我国科学史一个新的认识

    Studying the systematizing developing feature, driving mechanism and coming trend of the scientific history of China, we can have a new understanding on it from a systematic viewpoint.


  • 本文市场经济角度阐述技术产品走向国内国际市场必须注意几个问题

    In the market point of view this paper describes several problems which should be focused on, in order to push our high-tech products forward to both domestic and world markets.


  • 最后则是从地域文化身份角度上海双年未来走向提出自己拷问

    Final I interrogate with torture the future route of Shanghai Biennale with region culture status angle.


  • 理论师承关系命运走向以及现实消极影响角度对“新帝国主义”作出简短评价

    Its values the theory from the angles of relation with previous theories, its destiny and its practical negative influence.


  • 木星掌管者冥王星呈现神圣角度,他们应该可以帮助走向终点

    Jupiter and your ruler Pluto will be in divine angles and should help you toward the finish line.


  • 个体角度来看悔恨人们由知耻走向尚荣心理转折点

    Remorse is the key point of process from the perspective of individuality.


  • 人们越来越关注轿车市场走向消费者购买动向文章从多个角度分析影响轿车消费因素给出建议

    More and more attention is drawn to the market trend and purchase intention of the consumers. This paper analyzes the factors affecting the auto consumption and gives out suggestions.


  • 区域经济发展角度,从单个企业物流合理化走向区域物流合理化社会经济发展必然趋势

    In the view point of regional economic development, it is a trend of social economy development that the rationalization of logistics in a single corporation tend towards that of regional logistics.


  • 本文美国国家安全战略美国亚太秩序美国对华政策角度分析了美国亚太安全战略走向

    This paper discusses the orientation of American Asia Pacific security strategy from the perspectives of American grand strategy, its conception of the regional security order, and its China policy.


  • 现代室内装饰设计角度阐述现代人审美观念逐步走向成熟一些具体特征

    This article tries to elaborate some specific characteristics of people's appreciation of beauty by the methods of interior design and decoration.


  • 第二部分新闻理论报刊经营角度分析“两刊一报”生存现状未来走向

    In the second part, the present status and trend of the press above are estimated from the points of view of press management and press theory.


  • 取决于想要东西可以消极曲面走向更多稳定转弯时某一中立角度出发甚至胎面磨损

    Depending on what you want, you may want to set your car to a negative camber alignment for more stability during cornering, or a neutral angle, for even tread wear.


  • 希望职业语文教育角度帮助中职成为人格健全走向社会走向人生

    The writer does hope to help the vocational students become useful persons having wholesome personality to the society and get on well with their lives.


  • 他们命运关系我国经济结构走向和谐社会发展笔者社会资本角度,对他们的社会资本 存量建构问题进行研究

    Their fate related with the change of china's economic structure and development of harmonious society. I study the group from the view of social capital which has a strong explanatory force;


  • 教师角度来说,转变教学观念生成教学智慧走向教学幸福有效课堂教学实现应然路径。

    From the teachers perspectiveconverting teaching belief and generating teaching wisdom are the way to the realization of effective teaching and teaching happiness.


  • 历史变迁角度看,根植人类人类生活本身,是人类摆脱野蛮走向文明标志

    From the perceptive of historical transformation, it is deeply rooted in human being and human life, and becomes the symbol of man shaking off barbarism to civilization.


  • 读者接受角度切入看小说铁皮创作可见我国长篇小说创作模式走向

    The pattern and developing trend for the creation of contemporary novels of China can be revealed when the creation of the novel The Tin Drum is studied from the angle of readers' reception.


  • 接着就业率过度教育角度探讨了高等教育规模扩展前后以及未来一段时间内劳动力市场高校毕业生需求走向

    Then secondly, from the view of employment rate and over-education, the paper discusses the tendency of supply and demand between graduates and labor market.


  • 开放性角度审视百年中国文学进程划分全面开放开放半封闭、基本封闭走向开放四个时期

    Viewed from openness, the centenary process of Chinese literature can be divided into the four periods: overall open, half open and half close, largely close, and towards open.


  • 二叠世晚期走向东西盆地盆地轴部位于博格北坡主峰一带南北两侧为构造控制的高角度斜坡。

    During late time of early Permian it was a narrow basin extending along east-west with axial belt in the peak and north side of Bogda Mountains.


  • 二叠世晚期走向东西盆地盆地轴部位于博格北坡主峰一带南北两侧为构造控制的高角度斜坡。

    During late time of early Permian it was a narrow basin extending along east-west with axial belt in the peak and north side of Bogda Mountains.


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