• 某些物质吞噬作用过程进入细胞

    Some substances can enter cells by the process of phagocytosis.


  • 巨噬细胞吞噬作用下,利什曼原虫最后吞噬吞噬

    Upon phagocytosis by a macrophage, the "Leishmania" parasite ended up in a phagocytic vacuole.


  • 然后迅速转化血红蛋白球蛋白质结合,运送肝脏经吞噬作用除去

    This is quickly converted to Hgb dimers that bind to haptoglobin and are transported to the liver, where they are metabolized in the same manner as products from RBC removed by phagocytosis.


  • 细胞生物中,则演化出具有专一性免疫细胞吞噬作用吞食外来细胞,及那些因感染恶性肿瘤病变的自身细胞

    In multicellular organisms, specialized immune cells have evolved, capable of the phagocytosis of foreign cells as well as of self cells changed by infection or cancer.


  • 本试验旨在探讨荧光光度研究瘤胃原虫细菌吞噬作用可行性

    The study was conducted to examine the feasibility of spectrofluorimetry used to study the phagocytosis of rumen protozoa on bacteria.

  • 结果表明无论是注射一次还是注射IRNA都不能增加小鼠腹腔巨噬细胞吞噬作用

    The results showed that the phagocytic rate of peritoneal macrophages of mice was not increased by injection with IRNA either one or two times against staphylococcus aureus.


  • 细胞胞吐作用角化上皮细胞吞噬作用传递最可能机制

    Melanin transfer is also accomplished by the interactions of lectins and glycoproteins, by the action of E-cadherin, SNAREs, Rab and Rho GTPases.


  • 超顺磁性氧化纳米颗粒(SPIONs)已被广泛应用磁共振影像(MRI),但是它们快速吞噬作用使它们应用不到理想状态

    Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) are commonly used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but their fast phagocytosis makes them less than ideal for this application.


  • 其中K1K2肺炎克雷杆菌的抗嗜中性白细胞吞噬作用细胞内杀伤作用强于K1K2因此K1K2流行较高毒性较强

    Where K1, K2 Klebsiella pneumoniae anti-type neutrophils and phagocytosis and intracellular killing effect against stronger than non-K1, K2 type, therefore, K1, K2-based prevalence of high toxic.


  • 研究中,我们进行三个实验来澄清上述的假说。我们首先观察活化吞噬细胞株u937细胞红血球的吞噬作用

    In this experiment, we first studied whether the phagocytosis of red cells by activated U937 cell is antibody-dependent.

  • 胞葬作用通过吞噬作用去除垂死死亡细胞过程发育组织稳态先天免疫中发挥着重要作用

    Efferocytosis, the process by which dying or dead cells are removed by phagocytosis, has an important role in development, tissue homeostasis and innate immunity1.


  • 测定实验组的体重相关脏器,迟发型变态反应DTH)、血清凝集素抗体积数吞噬细胞作用

    And then the body weight, relative organ weight, delayed-type hypersensitivity response (DTH), antibody titre level and phagocytosis were measured.


  • 我们了解有关支气管上皮细胞凋亡嗜酸性粒细胞吞噬清除作用研究较少。

    To our knowledge, there is limited information available on the effects of anti-asthma drugs on the ingestion of apoptotic eosinophils by bronchial epithelial cells.


  • 酸性粒细胞具有吞噬细胞的作用更多具体功能包括对抗寄生虫调节炎症过程

    Eosinophils, while having a role as phagocytes, also have more specific functions that include providing a defense against metazoan parasites and modulating the inflammatory process.


  • 动物中的液泡吞噬胞饮作用

    Vacuoles in animal cells carry out phagocytosis (the intake of particulate matter) and pinocytosis (vacuolar drinking).


  • 细胞对具有吞噬杀伤作用同时致病性逃避细胞杀伤

    Macrophages can phagocytize and kill leptospira, while the pathogenic leptospira can evade the killing by macrophages.


  • 提示提取物具有增加特异性抗体产生增强特异性吞噬功能作用

    It indicated that the extract may increase the formation of the specific antibody and the nonspecific phagocytic function.


  • 目的探讨阴离子交换蛋白视网膜色素上皮(RPE)细胞非特异性吞噬过程中的作用

    Objective To investigate the role of anion exchange in nonspecific phagocytic process of human retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells.


  • 维生素还有增白细胞吞噬化脓作用

    Leukocyte phagocytosis by vitamin have the role of pyogenic bacteria.


  • 修正毁灭者吞噬魔法可以作用哨岗守卫问题

    Fixed a problem that allowed Destroyers to use Devour Magic on Watcher Wards.


  • 目的探讨免疫低下小鼠巨噬细胞吞噬功能调整作用深入研究提供实验依据

    Objective to investigate the regulating effect of moxa-cone moxibustion on the phagocytic function of macrophages, in order to provide experimental data for the study of other moxibustion methods.


  • 方法采用酵母菌粘附试验观察动力作用正常人中性粒细胞粘附功能影响,以及动力作用正常人红细胞中性粒细胞吞噬功能促进作用

    Methods Using the yeast adhesion test, the adhesion function of neutrophil and the phagocytosis of erythrocytes to neutrophil in normal people were observed under the photodynamic therapy.


  • 结合RCE小鼠腹腔巨噬细胞RAW264.7细胞系NO分泌吞噬功能抑制作用,表明rce具有潜在效应

    Combine with the inhibition of RCE on NO secretion and phagocytosis of murine macrophage and RAW264.7 cell line, we found that RCE had potential effect on antiinflammatory.


  • 培养滤液均能促进THP - 1细胞吞噬功能,并且促进作用强弱滤液浓度有关。

    And filtrate of P. ances culture also enhanced the phagocytosis of THP-1 cells.


  • 细胞免疫昆虫天生免疫系统重要部分包括了血细胞介导一系列吞噬集结包囊等作用

    Cellular immunity that includes phagocytosis, nodulation and encapsulation mediated by hemocytes is a very important part of the innate immune system in insects.


  • 结果显示罗汉果甜甙对正常小鼠免疫功能无明显作用显著提高CTX免疫抑制小鼠的巨细胞吞噬功能T细胞增殖作用

    Results: Mogrosides could promote phagocytosis and t lymphocyte proliferation significantly in the CTX-induced immunosuppressive mice, but not in the normal mice.


  • 方法:用罗汉果甜甙正常环磷酰胺CTX)抑制小鼠灌胃,检测小鼠细胞吞噬功能T细胞增殖作用

    Methods:Mogrosides was administered to normal or CTX-induced immunosuppressive mice, and their macrophage function and T lymphocyte proliferation were detected.


  • 增加人体白细胞红细胞从而增强了对细菌吞噬机能营养物质转动作用增进健康

    Hot moxibustion increased human white cells and red blood cells, thereby enhancing on bacterial phagocytosis function and nutrient rotation function, promote health.


  • 增加人体白细胞红细胞从而增强了对细菌吞噬机能营养物质转动作用增进健康

    Hot moxibustion increased human white cells and red blood cells, thereby enhancing on bacterial phagocytosis function and nutrient rotation function, promote health.


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