• Longer hours work to the advantage of the most efficient shops, normally the larger ones, drawing sales away from smaller stores.

    ECONOMIST: Service with a snarl

  • The real advantage of the farmer is that he needs to work less — a short-term advantage regarding the quick development of resistant weeds.

    FORBES: Why Uncle Sam Supports Frankenfood

  • Once we turn that corner, the energy-environment trade-off will start to work to our advantage, and possibly to the advantage of the whole world if we can develop low- or no-carbon energy technologies that can compete with cheap fossil fuels.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The real lesson to be drawn from Xerox PARC is that large corporations should aggressively pursue breakthrough invention—and work to improve their ability to take advantage of the fruits of those efforts.

    FORBES: The Lesson That Market Leaders Are Failing To Learn From Xerox PARC

  • Some 94, 000 Koreans, mostly descendants of those taken forcibly to Japan during the second world war to work in mines and factories, also took advantage of the scheme.

    ECONOMIST: Japan and North Korea

  • We feel as though this is a very important time to continue to prosecute this effort against al Qaeda, take advantage of the success of yesterday and to continue to work to break the back of al Qaeda.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • But the best option, for Washington and the rest of the democratic world, would be to take advantage of every opening afforded by a transition to work toward bringing down the North Korean regime.

    FORBES: Freedom's Edge

  • Had he allowed the people to elect more competent leaders in the fall of 2006, we might have been able to take advantage of the waning years of the Bush administration to convince the US to work with us against Iran.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Israel's fateful choice

  • If it delays action for too long, it runs the even-greater risk of being left behind by competitors that have succeeded in making the technology work to their advantage.

    FORBES: Connect

  • The simple use of typography and colors can work to your advantage.

    FORBES: Presentation Cleanse

  • Flexible Spending Accounts: If you have this benefit at work, make sure you take advantage of the pretax benefits to use to pay medical deductibles or other qualifying expenses.

    FORBES: Being Played by the Players

  • Mayer says the reservoir of goodwill Gibson has amassed will also work to his advantage.

    FORBES: Disgraced Celebrity Comebacks

  • In particular, hospital doctors took advantage of the option to stay on in work after they reached 65, or at least that was their stated wish.

    ECONOMIST: East Timor's past

  • Understanding the real advantage of corporations is paramount to making them work.

    FORBES: Corporate Strategy? You Shouldn't Even Try

  • Personnel using Windows Phone 7 devices are able to take advantage of Office Mobile to work with Office documents right out of the box, but an official Microsoft Office application is notably missing for other widely adopted platforms such as the iPad.

    FORBES: Microsoft Software Upgrades: When The Help Desk Needs Help

  • And not all implants allow several sites to be stimulated at once, so if the technique does work, many people will need to replace their implants to take advantage of it.

    ECONOMIST: Cochlear implants

  • So sustaining the recovery means taking advantage of better conditions to do some urgent repair work.

    ECONOMIST: Latin America needs more reform. Now is a good time to do it

  • Verizon Wireless has opened an innovation lab to work with software developers so there will be many new applications that take advantage of the new broadband capabilities at system launch.

    FORBES: Winners In The New 4G Wireless Economy

  • That margin of advantage will shrink in direction proportion to the disincentives to work that will result if the president attains his aspiration for us to become more like other European social welfare states.

    FORBES: Will Obamacare Stimulate Entrepreneurs?

  • My most successful clients at Stratus Prep are those who start early and take advantage of this time to work closely with their counselor and me long before the MBA deadlines are looming in the fall.

    FORBES: 6 Steps to Take Now for a Successful MBA Application

  • Some confused parents erroneously file for benefits they are not entitled to, while others, overwhelmed by the complexity, may fail to take advantage of tax incentives designed to encourage work or schooling.

    FORBES: Navigating The Maze Of Child Tax Credits

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