• By 2015, the government intends to add 42 million tons of daily sewage treatment capacity to increase its urban waste water treatment rate to 85 percent.

    FORBES: Quenching China's Thirst For Water

  • For instance, water pumps and waste water treatment plants rely on electricity, so when power is lost for long periods of time, reserves are depleted and bottled water must be transported into the zone, usually by truck.

    FORBES: Startup Aims To Install Pipelines With Helicopters...Seriously!

  • Because the company is a leader in its field of water and waste-water treatment in China, it has enjoyed access to bank financing in the past, and has even been able to raise capital in the United States by selling its shares on NASDAQ.

    FORBES: China's SMEs Access The Bond Market

  • Buenos Aires and its suburbs have only three waste-water treatment plants for 10m residents, and often suffer flash floods that drench entire avenues.

    ECONOMIST: Argentina’s state-owned firms

  • Nafa Kalaf Al Janabie, an Iraqi-American praised by Mr Powell, is the president of Detroit Contracting, a waste-water treatment company that recently opened an office in Baghdad, where it hopes to benefit from American and United Nations contracts.

    ECONOMIST: Arab-Americans: That patronising tone | The

  • The argument turns on the treatment of waste water.

    ECONOMIST: Boue to you too

  • Now, companies with plants that use or produce chemicals on the list have to complete a long form (one form per chemical, per plant), which tells exactly how much of the chemical is used or produced and where it is going (air, water, recycling, waste treatment).

    FORBES: Toxic Neighbors?

  • Across Europe the price of water has gone up along with higher European standards for the purity of drinking water and for the treatment of waste.

    ECONOMIST: Profit stream

  • Three main topics will be tackled, namely removal of particulate and colloidal matter within drinking water production and in wastewater treatment, and reduction of colloidal carriers mobilised from waste disposals.

    UNESCO: Water Portal | Water Events Worldwide

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