• In parts, the debate over climate change has got very ugly, coarse, vituperative and personal.

    BBC: Canberra's season of protest

  • This last maneuver sent the House spinning into a high-volume and vituperative debate on the eve of the Thanksgiving recess.

    NPR: Murtha's Moment: Not Soon Forgotten

  • Scan any football, music or fan site and there are people of all ages taking part in the most vituperative attacks.

    BBC: Trolling: Who does it and why?

  • In light of their ubiquitous and vituperative obsession with Jewish people, it is obvious that it is impossible to appease the Muslim world.


  • The blogs' vituperative retaliation frightens some victims, such as a corporate recruiter in Malaysia who talked to FORBES but asked to go unnamed in this story.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Furthermore, a recent study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that vituperative comments on science articles affected how people perceived the validity of the science.

    WSJ: The Debate Over Online Anonymity

  • In fact, they have spent so many years contesting one another that the controversy can resemble a vituperative political campaign a constant volley of talking points and rebuttals.

    NEWYORKER: Reversal of Fortune

  • The response from opponents of the government's controversial proposal, who claim the tax will damage the Australian economy and hit ordinary Australians with increased bills, has been vituperative.

    BBC: The great 'Cate Debate'

  • Organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are mounting a vituperative campaign against the Pipes nomination, replete with press releases, phone banks and letters to Committee members and other Senators.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: A moment for Truth: Daniel Pipes vs. the Islamists

  • While Rosa is an acid-tongued woman who feeds on a steady diet of vituperative remarks, Hans is a quiet and steady soul, whose poetry is shown when he plays the piano accordion.

    FORBES: Reading: The Book Thief

  • In essence, his newly-published book, which is also vituperative about key IMF figures, accuses the Fund of being the puppet of Washington and Wall Street, prescribing policies wholly inappropriate to emerging-market economies in trouble.

    ECONOMIST: Calling the wrong shots? | The

  • The cosmetic changes his government made in its segregationist policies to improve South Africa's image abroad, especially its very limited acceptance of multiracial sport, provoked such vituperative fury from Mr Marais and other die-hards that they were dubbed verkramptes (the cramped ones) and expelled from the Nationalist Party in 1969.

    ECONOMIST: Jaap Marais

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