• "Most file-sharing programs aren't the most upstanding citizens of the computing world, " Pegorraro says.

    ENGADGET: The Pipeline: Mossberg on Napster to Go, Dvorak on the blogosphere

  • But until recently there was nary a thing for the upstanding anticapitalist with a checking account.

    FORBES: Marxist Pigs

  • Legitimate companies may not be perfect, but most take actions to be upstanding corporate citizens.

    FORBES: Two Shades of Debt Collection

  • Even the people on the street look different—upstanding, like their houses, not grey and hunched like Londoners.

    NPR: Part One

  • They earned the good will of those individuals by being upstanding men themselves, by proving the quality of their character.

    FORBES: Paul Krugman Gets Economics Wrong, The Great Gatsby Too

  • With this reference to a child pornography case, the former upstanding CEO now finds himself heading back to Judge Beckwith.

    FORBES: 6th Circuit to Michael Peppel "You Need More Prison Time"

  • But I'll bet that none of us otherwise-upstanding parents feel good about lying to our kids, and yet, we persist.

    NPR: Hide the Hot Fudge

  • Although, of course, there are countless millions of upstanding mainlanders, the country does have a sorry commercial reputation to live down.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • That tends to cancel out the appeal this upstanding family man and former bishop would otherwise have to the party's social conservatives.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • Jim Fahey the upstanding citizen and public figure was a naturalised Canadian.

    ECONOMIST: Public life on the run: One that got away | The

  • Bath is a glorious town: lovely crescents of white, upstanding houses instead of London's black, gloomy buildings or—worse still—piles of rubble that were once buildings.

    NPR: Part One

  • Many have now changed their mind and relations with the farmer who owns the site, an upstanding member of the Parish Council, have become strained.

    ECONOMIST: Wind power

  • We have a cultural picture in our head of Isaac Newton as an upstanding British gentlemen who discovered gravity by having an apple fall on his head.

    FORBES: Isaac Newton Action Movie Won't Be As Crazy As His Real Life

  • While clean money comes straight from the treasury and is associated with law and upstanding economic behaviour, filthy cash suggests an illicit past, and therefore triggers us to pursue selfish goals and unscrupulous gain.

    FORBES: Dirty Cash, Dirty Minds: The Psychological Consequences Of Filthy Lucre

  • The Board would likely be a group of conscientious and upstanding business people who know that shareholders are watching and that they can be removed much more readily than if a single person owned all the stock.

    FORBES: If The Fans Owned The Dodgers ...

  • Rather than crying for Islamic extremists who happened to get caught as Amnesty would like people to do, I encourage upstanding citizens to march out to that "cell" display and boldly proclaim the idiocy of their claims.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Amnesty ignorant again

  • Pete Domenici has disclosed that he fathered a secret child in the 1970s with the 24-year-old daughter of one of his Senate colleagues — a startling revelation for a politician with a reputation as an upstanding family man.

    NPR: Domenici Acknowledges Having Son Outside Marriage

  • It will scare you to death, not of things that go bump in the night but of the upstanding citizen next door who stands ready to bump you up against the wall at the drop of a hat.

    FORBES: On Labor Day, What It Means To "Do Our Jobs"

  • And it is the stigma of being an upstanding woman alone—neither divorced nor married, no virgin but not especially sophisticated, either—that Haynes prods and questions in his rivetingly authoritative, erotic, and painstakingly faithful adaptation, which stars the ever-evolving Kate Winslet.

    NEWYORKER: This Woman’s Work

  • Not everyone is so upstanding.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Sold by its supporters through an unquestioning media to a gullible public as a tool necessary to protect upstanding American producers and their workers from the ravages of predatory foreigners hell-bent on stealing the U.S. market, the antidumping law escapes the scrutiny it deserves.

    FORBES: Tomatoes, Furniture, and Shrimp: Is Extortion the Main Purpose of the Antidumping Law?

  • Too many buy into the idealized imagery of a patriotic, upstanding American producer working tirelessly to ensure the preservation of well-paying jobs for hard-working Americans, but is suffering the ravages of unscrupulous, predatory foreign traders intent on destroying U.S. firms and monopolizing the U.S. market.

    FORBES: The 112th Congress Should Tackle Antidumping Reform

  • What could be more obscene than enrolling 6 million exterminated Jews in a battle to deprive one honest upstanding legitimate popular Dutch MP of the freedom to oppose the spread of an ideology that blatantly plans the extermination of the remaining Jewish population of the world?

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Nidra Poller on the Geert Wilders Trial

  • Not long afterward, he found himself in the pine-panelled room where he had first met the new girl, only the pool table had been gouged repeatedly—the felt ragged and upstanding, a corona of slate dust spewing from every gash—and the half-size refrigerator was on its side, door open, empty of beer.

    NEWYORKER: Ziggurat

  • It has succumbed because of a humdrum failure to rein in wage increases and to modernise a bureaucracy schooled in tallying the quiet remains of the first global empire, as well as an inability to coax upstanding family companies, which for centuries have crafted textiles, ceramics and shoes, into competing with the Chinese.

    ECONOMIST: Portugal

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