• Another competitive advantage is the strong brand name, which Zipcar has developed through unique advertising campaigns.

    FORBES: Three Reasons Why Zipcar's Worth $11

  • An exotic name, light, nimble, and unique.

    NEWYORKER: Luda and Milena

  • Google again showed why it is the biggest name in the internet, with 143 million unique visitors, 82% of the total pie, watching almost 2 billion sessions.

    FORBES: Google Extends Lead In Search As AOL Creeps Up In Online Video

  • Imitation of foreign brand name products and store chains is neither new, nor unique to China.

    FORBES: Why China imitates western brands?

  • That tension between the corporate and retail side, long present (and certainly not unique to Citi) may have been Prince's reason for the name change.

    FORBES: Folding Citi's Umbrella

  • But, there are many smaller communities across the country that have advantageous locations or something unique about them (i.e. major university located there, name medical complex located there, significant clean industry in the city, highly educated population base without being a large urban complex) that offer attractive locations for women to look at when starting a business.

    FORBES: 4. Minneapolis, MN

  • Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet and Dali, just to name a few, I began to realize that although this museum is a unique landmark in the Mexican capital, it is so much more than just a home to show off his artwork.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Even big name chefs today are doing cookie cutter, so there had to be something quirky or unique.

    FORBES: Exclusive: Bon Appétit Top 10 New Restaurants of 2011 - Forbes

  • Xiaonei, whose name means "in the school" in Mandarin, claims to have attracted around 15 million unique visitors last April, compared with StudiVZ's 6 million registered users.

    FORBES: Facebook's Clone Problem

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