• And yes, the tabs claimed, Pat — under the name Patricia Rose — had posed for the glossy.

    FORBES: John Kluge's colorful life marked Palm Beach lore

  • U.S. sales of the civilian versions of the famous Kalishnikov AK-47 s, old under the brand name Saiga, rose by 50% in 2011, The New York Times reported from Russia on Aug 14, 2012.

    FORBES: Russia Asks American Action Hero To Join Gun Lobby

  • Even under the weight of the global recession, Chinese emissions rose 13 percent in 2009 alone.

    FORBES: Skynet Terminator Speaks Chinese

  • It was widely believed that productivity in the NHS had fallen under the last, Labour government as the health budget rose by around a third—one reason why the coalition's reforms were said to be needed.

    ECONOMIST: NHS reform

  • If the government in Moscow comes to the conclusion, during the presidency of Vladimir Putin or afterwards, that it cannot otherwise bring under control either the country's regional dukedoms or the plutocrats who rose to almost uncontrollable wealth under Boris Yeltsin's tolerant gaze, it may reckon that its only hope of survival is a chest-thumping, rally-all-Russians foreign policy.

    ECONOMIST: Weathering the storm

  • They accuse the Brotherhood, which rose in power after years of repression under the former secular regime, of seeking to monopolize power, a charge the group denies.

    NPR: Egyptians Clash At Muslim Brotherhood Offices

  • The world rose up under one foot and pushed my body to one side as that foot set off in a high violent arc.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The Importance of Music to Girls'

  • Under the late Emerson Kampen, Great Lakes' shares rose eightfold between 1987 and 1993.

    FORBES: Paddling Upstream

  • Under his leadership, Ulysse Nardin rose once more to the top of the mechanical watchmaking sector, with numerous innovations such as the first astronomical wrist watches.

    FORBES: Connect

  • It was under 30 percent of GDP and rose to 50 percent of GDP as the country got richer, labor markets improved and investment capital poured in.

    FORBES: Can Mexico Overtake Brazil By 2022?

  • Things looked to be improving after Georgia's Rose Revolution in 2003: under Mr Saakashvili's stewardship, the country enjoyed several years of rapid economic growth, though critics claim it came at the expense of civil liberties.

    ECONOMIST: The perils and persistence of displacement

  • For two centuries, Georgia struggled to maintain its identity under czarist and then Soviet rule, and since becoming independent 13 years ago, Georgia has pursued perhaps the most pro-American foreign policy of any former Soviet republic, both under former President Eduard Shevardnadze and the new young leader who toppled him in the Rose Revolution of 2003, 37-year-old Mikhail Sakashvili.

    NPR: Bush to Praise Democracy in Georgia During Visit

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