• Things improve a bit when the tough, direct Jennifer Lawrence shows up as a young neighborhood widow who unaccountably pursues Pat.

    NEWYORKER: Silver Linings Playbook

  • Unaccountably, he decided to hang on until the next year despite signs that the unions could no longer deliver wage restraint.

    ECONOMIST: Obituary

  • But no one knows what was going through his mind when his car unaccountably left the road and crashed into a eucalyptus tree.

    ECONOMIST: Joseph Wolfson

  • In this one, a graduate student in art, Evelyn (Rachel Weisz), a fire-breathing free spirit, unaccountably takes up with an overweight and maladroit undergraduate, Adam (Paul Rudd).

    NEWYORKER: The Shape of Things

  • Unaccountably, he made no reference to the sufferings of Sri Lankan Tamils even though nearly 300, 000 of them have been displaced from their homes and are now miserably interned in camps.

    ECONOMIST: Sri Lanka after the war

  • That said, the book's ending is almost unaccountably disappointing.

    ECONOMIST: New novels (3)

  • Unaccountably, European leaders failed to take our advice.

    ECONOMIST: European Union

  • My poetry editor, Sam Witt, and I typically begin the process by discovering an innovative literary work, one that explores the possibilities of language beyond the standard 19th century model that is (unaccountably) still used today.

    FORBES: The 21st Century Novel: Jaded Ibis Sees a 'Mashup'

  • In the cities of the rich world no woman is expected to wear a garment until it is worn out. (Men, unaccountably, tend to hold on to their clothes for years, but the industry is working on the problem.) The clothes industry would be in a pickle without a constant supply of clients dissatisfied with the contents of their wardrobes.

    ECONOMIST: Bonnie Cashin

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