• Best Drama Nominations: Breaking Bad, True Blood, The Good Wife, Mad Men, Lost, Dexter.

    FORBES: Emmy Welcomes Glee, Modern Family

  • If True Blood becomes the sensation some critics think it will, audiences will have Alan Ball's pearly whites to thank.

    FORBES: HBO Craves True Blood

  • And while broadcast TV took the summer off, cable gave us terrific seasons of True Blood, Rescue Me and others.

    NPR: The Emmys, Where Cable Reigns Supreme

  • Case in point: this fall's True Blood, an anything-but-somber series from Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball, based on Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire novels.

    FORBES: Welcome To HBO's Next Chapter

  • As advertisers held back their money, the networks' ratings sank to record lows against hot cable offerings like USA's Royal Pains and HBO's True Blood.

    FORBES: Television

  • Martha Stewart's Facebook page used a slice of red cake with white icing to make the image and the HBO page for "True Blood" added fangs.

    NPR: Gay Marriage Equality Box Spreads On Social Media

  • True Blood episodes, for instance, regularly get about 5.4 million viewers on their first airing Sunday nights, followed by nearly 8 million more later in the week through other platforms like on-demand and DVR.


  • Instead it is action films, where women like Angelina Jolie and Milla Jovovich take names and kick butt, or in the vampire craze, most notably the Twilight films and True Blood series, where women dominate the genre on screen and off.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • This time around, Ryan, along with Ocean's Eleven's writer Ted Griffin, is bringing viewers a comedic drama starring Donal Logue and True Blood's Michael Raymond-James as a pair of low-rent, unlicensed private investigators trying to make a living on the streets of San Diego.


  • Doris Pilkington's heart-wrenching true story of three mixed-blood Aboriginal girls raised in a Western Australia orphanage who travel 1, 500 miles along a desert fence, trying to reunite with their tribe.


  • That's true even though patients also received aspirin to prevent blood clots.

    FORBES: Thalomid Fuels Celgene's Rise

  • The same may be true for a brain that comes into contact only with SAP-cleaned blood.

    FORBES: A New Drug To Treat Alzheimer's?

  • If that were true, it might help exonerate Celebrex, which has less of an effect on blood pressure.

    FORBES: Pfizer And Merck Face The Jury

  • DeCarli wants the public to get the message that high blood pressure should be controlled to prevent brain aging, and this is true no matter what age you are.

    FORBES: Memory Alert: Even Slightly High Blood Pressure May Age Your Brain - And Even If You're Under 40

  • Along with the Mercantilists were the Physiocrats, who likened an economy to the blood circulatory system and, more to the point here, believed that the only true measure of the wealth of nations (still lower case) was agricultural output.

    FORBES: Synthetic CDOs: Where's The Love?

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