• The arrangement with the young radio network was to the advantage of both organizations.

    NPR: Edward R. Murrow: Broadcasting History

  • The risks of proliferation are the flipside to the advantage of deploying new technology.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The strategic lessons of Stuxnet

  • Longer hours work to the advantage of the most efficient shops, normally the larger ones, drawing sales away from smaller stores.

    ECONOMIST: Service with a snarl

  • Just as importantly, public funding of 74 political activists could tilt the political playing field to the advantage of the party in power.

    ECONOMIST: Civil-service reform

  • And there are quieter attempts to blunt the act's provisions or redirect them to the advantage of one set of financial institutions or another.

    ECONOMIST: The Dodd-Frank act

  • That military campaigns, treaties, alliances were to be entered into for precisely as long, no more and no less, as they served to the advantage of the American nation.

    FORBES: Benjamin Netanyahu Vs. Barack Obama, Part One

  • Rule changes at Financial Accounting Standards Board and the SEC in 2007 tilted the investment field crazily to the advantage of short sellers from November 2007 until April this year.

    FORBES: Thoughts On The 35% Stock Rally

  • The result will be to pedestrianise large parts of London's central area to the advantage of millions of tourists and residents—and the disadvantage of thousands of furious taxi drivers and motorists.

    ECONOMIST: Battle of Trafalgar

  • That may be due partly to the advantage of incumbency—a powerful one in Brazil, though unavailable to those seeking executive posts until Mr Cardoso last year got the constitution changed to permit re-election.

    ECONOMIST: Brazil

  • Working to the advantage of these and other comics, says Pollstar Editor-in-Chief Gary Bongiovanni, is that compared to music acts, their comparatively modest overhead allows them to tour relatively economically and offer lower ticket prices.


  • Once we turn that corner, the energy-environment trade-off will start to work to our advantage, and possibly to the advantage of the whole world if we can develop low- or no-carbon energy technologies that can compete with cheap fossil fuels.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Instead, they have routinely engaged in conduct that worked to the advantage of Serb partisans there, including collaboration in Serb military and economic efforts to garrotte non-Serb populations in areas under their jurisdiction -- a key component of the Belgrade-backed "ethnic cleansing" campaign.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Booth paused at the head of the stairs to take advantage of the best view of the president's box, a vista that caused him to look slightly down, and diagonally across the width and length of the house.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Manhunt'

  • And defying to the perception of the UK as the only key innovator for the social economy (no doubt in part due to the comparative advantage of the English language as the global transmitter of ideas, compared to French or German), continental Europe is emerging as an innovation space for the new role of government in social entrepreneurship.

    FORBES: Three Things Governments Should Do For Social Entrepreneurship

  • Here they will come by the hundreds of thousands to take advantage of the latest sellout of the U.S. taxpayer.

    FORBES: Will The Cost Of Immigration Reform Explode The National Deficit?

  • Though use of the pool and piazza is restricted to guests of the hotel, the public is invited to take advantage of the lobby, bar, and courtyard.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Calls from the U.S. to Turkey are then routed through the Netherlands to take advantage of the good rate.

    FORBES: Srpska calling

  • People need to survive the famine to take advantage of those programs, but the programs also have to be there to eradicate the ongoing cycle that created the famine.

    FORBES: Three Ways to Do Something About Famine in Africa

  • Had he allowed the people to elect more competent leaders in the fall of 2006, we might have been able to take advantage of the waning years of the Bush administration to convince the US to work with us against Iran.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Israel's fateful choice

  • Some customers will want a private cloud implementation to maintain greater control of the end to end experience, other customers are already moving data and applications to the Windows Azure cloud to take advantage of the reduced management and hardware costs the public cloud offers.

    FORBES: IDC: Time to Embrace the Cloud is Now

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