• The oldest to pass away, Saleh Al Rajhi of Saudi Arabia, was 99.

    FORBES: Billionaire Obituaries 2011

  • The tax laws changed and may have an adverse effect on your situation if your spouse were to pass away this year or next.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Marsh is the last of the Snapple founders to pass away.

    WSJ: Snapple co-founder Leonard Marsh dies at 80

  • Other former leaders of their countries to pass away included Constantine Karamanlis, who was president as Greece restored democracy in 1974, and Todor Zhivkov, who ruled communist Bulgaria for 35 years until 1989.

    BBC: Goodbyes

  • The Actuaries study reveals that 35% of male pre-retirees believe that their spouse will be better off if they were to pass away before her, which, according to the authors, is simply not the case.

    FORBES: Retirement Planning And Its Challenges For Women

  • But if old agents are allowed to pass away and be replaced by new ones, and if agents' preferences for sugar and spice evolve as they interact, the cyber-market never settles on a single price (just like real life).

    ECONOMIST: Social science

  • The winger was almost tripped but stayed on his feet to get a pass away to Stephen Elliott, who hooked his shot wide from a promising position.

    BBC: Sport - Football - Dundee United 2-0 Hearts

  • Brummer was stopped just short of the Welsh line but managed to get his pass away for replacement prop Kirsten - all 18 stone and 6ft 4in of him - to muscle over from two metres.

    BBC: Wales U20 18-43 S Africa U20

  • Or just swing in for a cup of coffee and take advantage of its sprawling, outdoor seating and ample board game selection to pass the night away.

    BBC: A vegetarian in Texas

  • But Congress ought to, the House ought to pass those tax cuts right away because it would send a tremendous positive signal to the American people that in the wake of this election we can, at the very least, come together and convert into law a bill that everyone agrees should become law -- Republicans and Democrats alike, the President included.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney,

  • With no over-arching rules governing what happens to our online presence when we pass away, it would seem prudent and logical to sign up to a digital afterlife service.

    CNN: Do Web users fear the digital Reaper?

  • But in addition to those late misses, Larkin also had a costly turnover when he threw away a sideline pass to Brown with Miami trailing by just two with about 30 seconds left.

    NPR: Kelly Lifts No. 3 Duke Past No. 5 Miami 79-76

  • Full and complete estate planning is the best way to prevent a fight like this from happening to your family after you pass away.

    FORBES: Did Ryan O'Neal Steal Painting From Farrah Fawcett's Estate?

  • To create jobs, I am submitting the American Jobs Act of 2011 -- nearly all of which is made up of the kinds of proposals supported by both Republicans and Democrats, and that the Congress should pass right away to get the economy moving now.

    WHITEHOUSE: A unique view of 2012

  • Their passes often seemed forced, like the final, fitting symbol of the night's frustrations, one the Knicks offered with 4:30 to go in the game: Lin threw a pass to Anthony, who was just inches away, out of bounds, leading to glum faces and hands on knees.

    WSJ: Nets Stop the Linsanity

  • The prop timed his pass to perfection to send Brew away to the line, with James Arlidge converting the wing's try for a 7-3 lead.

    BBC: Blues 42-13 Dragons

  • If you take the benefit at age 66, you can reinvest those funds and add a beneficiary so when you pass away they go to a loved one instead of to no one.

    FORBES: Retirement Rules You Can Break Without Sabotaging Your Retirement

  • The Cavemen started as a group of local businessmen to promote Grants Pass and Josephine County for visitors to the marble caves 50 miles away.

    WSJ: As Oregon Town Evolves, Caveman Heads the Way of the Dodo

  • Jennifer Milano, who is taking time off from freelance work to take advantage, grabbed a pass right away.

    CNN: Some travelers push the envelope on all-you-can-jet deal

  • But we need to address some of these challenges that confront us right away, and one way to do that is to pass those tax cuts for 98 percent of the American people.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney,

  • Comprehensive estate plans, prepared the right way, are the best way to prevent lawsuits over your estate when you pass away.

    FORBES: Estate of Richard Pratt, Australian Billionaire, Defeats Mistress In Court

  • "It's a sad day for UNESCO, and a painful symbol to see the initiator of the Nubia Campaign pass away on the same year as the 40th anniversary of World Heritage, only a few months after the death of Christiane Desroches Noblecourt, " said the Director-General.


  • The animal sat down next to the car after an initial pass, and again when Secret Service agents took the dog away and then led it back to the vehicle.

    CNN: White House's West Wing briefly evacuated

  • Any borrowings necessary to finance the transition could be treated like a mortgage: As more and more people under the old system pass away, a growing portion of the payroll tax that had been devoted to their benefits could gradually be redirected to paying down the borrowings.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • It includes proposals for a new by-pass in Ballasalla to divert south-bound traffic away from the village centre, through to Balthane Industrial Estate.

    BBC: Isle of Man development plan comes in to force

  • Kent Simpson (short-handed) charged down a pass at his own end and broke away to score to the left of London goalie Dave Trofimenkoff.

    BBC: Panthers surprise Giants

  • Leicester were ahead within three minutes, Quins winning a line-out on halfway only for Care's pass to be neatly intercepted by Flood, who raced away to score.

    BBC: Leicester 40-22 Harlequins

  • Luke Robinson's forward pass literally threw away a great breakaway chance to score for the Reds, and once again Warrington made them pay, as Gleeson touched down in the same area Reardon had done earlier.

    BBC: Salford 18-50 Warrington

  • The Falcons went up a gear and Tom May popped a pass to Russell Winter and the big number eight surged away before slipping the ball to Parling to score in the corner, Wilkinson thumping over the conversion for a 10-7 lead.

    BBC: Newcastle 13-20 Gloucester

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