• But there is little basis to draw a conclusion on her future decision or even her current leanings.

    FORBES: NFL Players Should Be Nervous After Injunction Hearing

  • That difference isn't statistically significant, but many will argue that there just aren't enough patients who have had heart attacks and strokes to draw a conclusion.

    FORBES: Can Vioxx Rivals Take The Pressure?

  • Dr Yokota (and also Drs Lundeen and Steinberg) managed to observe them without looking, as it were, by not gathering enough information from any one interaction to draw a conclusion, and then pooling these partial results so that the total became meaningful.

    ECONOMIST: Physics and philosophy

  • The strong market tape makes it difficult to draw a firm conclusion.

    FORBES: Disappointing Sales At Foxconn Fail To Bruise Apple Stock For Now

  • One may be tempted to draw a similar conclusion from the decline of unionization in the U.S. and the increases in labor regulations over the last 50 years.

    FORBES: How to Improve Working Conditions

  • Food-industry defenders point out that their children are as porky as those anywhere else—though given the multiplicity of factors involved in fattening a population, it is hard to draw a firm policy conclusion from that evidence.

    ECONOMIST: Junk food

  • When you have mastered a subject, you can recall two or more facts and, from those facts draw a conclusion as to how your newly recalled data points might combine to create an entirely different, perhaps unexpected point of view.

    FORBES: Best Buy's Success Secret

  • This was when the iridium layer was formed (many extra-terrestrial rocks are far richer in iridium than those found on Earth, so a large impact that scattered the iridium seemed a reasonable conclusion to draw), and when the dinosaurs disappeared.

    ECONOMIST: Some new ideas about why life on Earth has periodic crises

  • Add to this the many other factors that could be having an impact on the stock market, and it may be difficult to filter through the noise and draw a definitive conclusion.

    FORBES: Short Selling Bans: Are They Effective?

  • He seldom answers questions without anticipating the broader conclusion that others are likely to draw—in this case, the conclusion that he was just a cheater.

    NEWYORKER: King of Walks

  • If the United States were indeed going to remain the world's only great power as far ahead as the eye can see, people who like this newspaper believe in the danger of monopoly and the need for competition would draw the necessary conclusion: Europe should provide a counterbalance to this overwhelming American power.

    ECONOMIST: When the snarling’s over

  • The main conclusion they are likely to draw is that the presidential vote will be a close-run thing.

    ECONOMIST: Something for everyone in an important state election

  • The public does not want to understand the fiendish complexity of the EU. Many in the EU establishment draw a simple conclusion from that: never ask voters directly about something as complicated as a treaty.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Good leadership is demonstrated by an ability to take the information at hand, quickly gather and evaluate any missing information, and draw a conclusion that can be acted upon.

    FORBES: New Year's Resolution: Be Decisive and Lead without Regrets

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