• In the simplest form, it is just a word without the need to follow any strict taxonomy or definition.

    FORBES: The Changing Grammar of Communicating Ideas

  • In describing the information, we need to ensure it has sound taxonomy (making it searchable) and adequate metadata (making it authoritative).

    WHITEHOUSE: Digital Government

  • In this taxonomy a running shoe is entirely different from a cross-training shoe—why, running is an entirely different sport from training.

    FORBES: On the Run

  • Logan, King and Fischer-Wright lay out a taxonomy of five cultural stages.

    FORBES: Dave Logan Explains Where History And Miraculous Innovations Are Made

  • In the 17th century British scientist Robert Hooke took a crack at taxonomy, but his clumsy cloud names ("water'd, " "lowring, " "hairy") failed to fly.

    FORBES: Head in the Clouds

  • In creating taxonomy of solutions, we used healthcare as a metaphorical model given the large number of overlapping concepts between this domain and cyber security.

    FORBES: Cyber Security Revisited (Part 2): Report Card Time

  • He proposes a little geography of love, a hilarious taxonomy of station kisses or some mock erotics, deftly developed in sentences replete with technical terms.

    ECONOMIST: Recent French fiction

  • The analysis will attempt to track the endogenous-exogenous taxonomy described above.


  • This new shareholding majority comprises a rich and flourishing taxonomy of investors: income turtles, value fish, growth hounds, short worms, hedge caterpillars, option rabbits, day-trading bumblebees, and so on.

    FORBES: Legacy Shareholders

  • To be opened by UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, the conference will address themes including the relationship between biodiversity and development, the importance of taxonomy, awareness-raising and education on biodiversity issues.


  • If This Than That ( IFTTT), however, is creating a simple new taxonomy for programming networked devices, and it is structurally altering the ease with which individuals can code, and code even from mobile.

    FORBES: Digital Literacy: New Literacy?

  • Cognitive scientists and child psychologists have determined that children develop a complex conceptual structure, a sort of mental taxonomy of the world around them, which they use to order and define objects when they see them.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Today nearly every data vendor and many government sources, like courts and motor vehicle agencies, offer data that can be sorted automatically, freeing Reed's engineers to focus on grouping by subject relevance according to the company's proprietary taxonomy.

    FORBES: Search and Ye Shall Find

  • Ignoring the inconvenient fact that the Palestinians freely elected Hamas to lead them, Clinton provided his audience with a bigoted taxonomy of the Israeli public through which he differentiated the good, "pro-peace Israelis, " from the bad, "anti-peace, " Israelis.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: With friends like these

  • The momentum is due in part to greater taxonomy efforts, a growing number of researchers involved in describing new species, and new technologies allowing them to access previously unexplored areas (including improved diving gear and remotely operated submersible vehicles).


  • Our original taxonomy was 4000 guides.

    FORBES: About.com - Flashback To When The Web Was Young

  • Specialists in technology law at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society in the Netherlands are drawing up a taxonomy of robotic devices and matching them against existing legal terminology to identify potential legal problems relating to the definitions of human autonomy, disability, normalcy and equality.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

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