• Capital controls and even travel restrictions would be needed to stanch the bleeding of money from the economy.

    ECONOMIST: The euro

  • To stanch the talent drain, Hennessy figures his best shot is raising the payoff from the intellectual excitement of research.

    FORBES: Gilding The Ivory Tower

  • That is a gamble, however: showing depositors that the cash is there if they want might encourage the outflow, not stanch it.

    ECONOMIST: Greece and the euro

  • In December, in order to stanch the flow of criticism, Zawahiri boldly initiated a virtual town-hall meeting, soliciting questions in an online forum.

    NEWYORKER: The Rebellion Within

  • Yet regulators have insisted with short-selling bans in order to stanch the bleeding when market turmoil turns up the heat on beleaguered financial stocks, most recently in Spain and Italy.

    FORBES: In Defense Of Short-Sellers: Bans Cost Investors More Than $1B In 2008

  • Together with a Treasury program that provided partial insurance to investors in money market mutual funds, these efforts helped stanch the cash outflows from those funds and stabilize the industry.

    FORBES: The Crisis and the Policy Response

  • Yudhoyono convincingly did slash fuel subsidies in October, boosting street prices 125% in a much-anticipated step to stanch fiscal bleeding and to reduce demand for and smuggling of mispriced oil.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He fed them a mix of vitamins and racing pigeon feed, to make them strong and fast, and spiked their diet with pickling lime, to stanch the bleeding when they were cut.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The Prince of Frogtown'

  • The financial industry seemed to stanch its losses, with employment down 4% at the end of the quarter from the previous year at 716, 000, but that's flat with the beginning of the year.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • If we survived the attack, the blood near the wound coagulated and the adjacent blood vessels constricted to stanch the bleeding and retain other vital fluids, while the wound became inflamed to fight infection.

    FORBES: Rethinking Biology

  • The replacement refs threaten to stanch that momentum.

    FORBES: The NFL's Replacement Ref Disaster

  • Yet despite the 114% increase in the cost of company health plans over the last decade, many chief executives act as if there is nothing they can do to stanch the hemorrhage of red ink.

    FORBES: Two Things Any CEO Can Do To Take Control of Health Care Costs

  • Sprint, you might recall, was the just about the last company in the United States left to lust for the ability to stanch its loss of customers by being able to offer the Apple iPhone.

    FORBES: Clearwire's Q4 Conference Call Was A Very Bad Joke

  • He wanted to stanch the bleeding.

    FORBES: Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank And His Underdog Horse Farm

  • The bad news: Workplace safety experts say the decline in fatalities was due in part to lower employment nationwide, particularly in the construction and manufacturing industries. (Construction-related deaths, still the highest among any profession on an absolute basis, dropped to 1, 178 from 1, 239.) Improved safety standards have helped stanch the bleeding, too, they say.

    FORBES: America's Most Dangerous Jobs

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