• It is used off-label to treat multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, anal fissures, tension headaches and migraines.

    CNN: Paging Dr. Gupta Blog

  • Other studies have suggested that cannabinoids can ease chronic pain associated with conditions cancer and spinal cord injury.

    BBC: Q&A: Cannabis pain trial

  • Keirstead is working with human embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injury.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And, because of my spinal cord injury from the back breakage, I can't feel my left foot so good either.

    NPR: Craig DeMartino: Winner in the Extremity Games

  • It is an attempt to show the cells and the growth factors they release can help patients with spinal cord injury.

    FORBES: The Scientist Who Helped Stall Stem Cell Research

  • Geron's treatment for spinal cord injury was the first human embryonic stem cell therapy to receive FDA approval for a clinical trial.


  • These injuries involve blunt trauma, bruising and compression of the spinal cord and are the most common form of human spinal cord injury.

    BBC: 'Hope' for the paralysed?

  • Prof Courtine said he was optimistic patient trials would begin in "a year or two" at Balgrist University Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Centre in Zurich.

    BBC: 'Hope' for the paralysed?

  • The lead company developing the cells as treatments, Geron, just recently started the very first trial of embryonic stem cells in humans, to treat spinal cord injury.

    FORBES: How Politics Body Slams Science

  • In my TV report we showed rats unable to climb a metal ladder after one of their front paws had been paralysed to mimic a spinal cord injury.

    BBC: 'Hope' for the paralysed?

  • And adding the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and National Spinal Cord Injury Association to the list of anti-gun enemies is either clueless or callous -- or both.

    CNN: NRA's enemies list: Most of America

  • The trials will involve eight to 10 patients who are completely paralyzed below the third to tenth vertebra, and who sustained their spinal cord injury within seven to 14 days.

    CNN: FDA approves human embryonic stem cell study

  • The concert will mark the conductor's much-anticipated return to the podium after suffering from a spinal cord injury that left the lower half of his body without feeling or movement.

    WSJ: James Levine Sets Return to Met

  • "The bias has been that people with spinal cord injury don't walk, but a lot of the patients with some movement do" says UCLA neurologist Bruce Dobkin, who led the study.

    FORBES: To Walk Again

  • The work paves the way for stem cells that particularly match the genes of injured patients to be used to treat ailments ranging from diabetes to paralysis due to spinal cord injury.

    FORBES: Cloning's Big Step

  • And Geron of Menlo Park, Calif. is performing animal studies on a variety of different cells derived from human embryonic stem cells, aiming to treat spinal cord injury, heart disease and diabetes.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He has received funding for his lab from Geron, which has an exclusive license of Keirstead's patents and aims to start human trials on spinal cord injury as soon as next year.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Douglas Kerr, a scientist at Johns Hopkins, which is using money from billionaire Bloomberg to create a stem-cell lab, says the lack of NIH help could delay a treatment for spinal cord injury for decades.

    FORBES: Anti-Ban Billionaires

  • This morning, Geron of Menlo Park, for years a leading company in embryonic stem cell research, announced that the first patient had been dosed in a study of its embryonic stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury.

    FORBES: Don't Get Too Excited About The First Embryonic Stem Cell Patient

  • It is disappointing that Geron has taken the decision to stop its spinal cord injury trial but we hope that the company is able to find new partners who can take on the work and provide the necessary finance.

    BBC: Stem cell trial halted

  • "Overall I'm very optimistic and I think this is a good first step in the direction of allowing some research to move forward, " said Dr. John McDonald, director of the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at Washington University School of Medicine in St.

    CNN: Reaction mixed to stem cell decision

  • And Geron (nasdaq: GERN - news - people ) of Menlo Park, Calif. is performing animal studies on a variety of different cells derived from human embryonic stem cells, aiming to treat spinal cord injury, heart disease and diabetes.

    FORBES: Despite Bush Veto, Stem Cell Research Abounds

  • "The results of this program will help upper-limb amputees and spinal cord injury patients, as well as those who have lost the ability to use their natural limbs, to have as normal a life as possible despite severe injuries or degenerative neurological disease, " McLoughlin said.

    CNN: Powering prosthetics with thoughts alone

  • Among them are neural cells to treat spinal cord injury and degenerative nervous system diseases, cardiomyocytes to treat heart disease, pancreatic islet cells to treat diabetes, dendritic cells for cancer therapy, chondrocytes for arthritis, osteoblasts to rebuild bone and hepatocytes for drug discovery and liver failure.

    FORBES: Four Standard-Bearers For Stem Cell Therapies

  • Having solved the problem of urination, however, most of those paralysed by spinal-cord injury would like to be able to move again.

    ECONOMIST: We can rebuild him. We have the technology

  • Very few human spinal cord injuries occur as a result of a direct cut through spinal tissue (as was the injury model in the Courtine study).

    BBC: 'Hope' for the paralysed?

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