• On the other, young voters increasingly reject the neat social framework of nuclear family prosperity that once undergirded the national economy — but probably no longer will.

    FORBES: Paul Ryan's Baffling Budget

  • Lahav thinks the court should remand it back to federal court in California to decide whether social framework analysis is enough to bind a class of 1 million plaintiffs.

    FORBES: Class-Action Foes Have Trifecta Before Supreme Court

  • Shujog worked with BagoSphere to construct a Social Impact Framework, which enumerates the social impact that the SE aims to achieve and identifies KPIs to be used to measure its success in achieving these impact goals.

    FORBES: Interview with Impact Investment Shujog and Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

  • Everything that occurs in a social enterprise framework, such as giving your employees a sense of shared purpose and experience, should have as its end point a better customer experience.

    FORBES: Enterprise Social Media: It's All About The Customer

  • The Regional Forum of Ministers in charge of Social Development was launched by UNESCO, within the framework of its Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme, in South Asia in 2006.


  • Dozuki can transform existing procedures and support documents into a framework for social interaction.

    ENGADGET: iFixit intros Dozuki, promises 'service manuals that don't suck'

  • If your brand today does not have a robust social-media monitoring framework, you should first ensure you understand the conversations around your products and services, and understand where they take place and who drives them.

    FORBES: Making The Most Of Social-Media Monitoring Optimization: Are You Up To The Task?

  • Social inclusion sharpens the MDG framework in the context of EU pre-accession countries such as BiH.

    UNESCO: Water

  • Now, Social Key will unite the best context from social networks with the business framework of traditional data, enabling enterprises to build even stronger relationships with customers and close more deals, faster.

    FORBES: There's Something Big Missing From LinkedIn

  • That Facebook would look to Home, a seemingly mobile-native implementation of the social network, as the framework for its platform going forward is unsurprising -- changes recently made to News Feed were done specifically to adapt it to the smartphone space.


  • And I look forward to have the privilege of welcoming you and your family to our country so that you can see for yourselves what we are trying to do, the difficulties of managing social and economic transformation in the framework of a democracy committed to the rule of law, committed to all fundamental human freedoms.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama & Prime Minister Singh at G20 Summit

  • The report proposes an integrated response to the problem which sets marginalization within a wider framework for poverty reduction and social inclusion.


  • Every worker below a certain age should be free to choose to save and invest the employer and employee share of the Medicare payroll tax in a personal account operating under the same framework as has been proposed for Social Security reform.

    FORBES: Gutting Medicare By Refusing To Pay The Bills

  • It's a privilege for India to find you and your administration as deeply invested in ensuring that India makes a success of its historic journey to have the social and economic transformation carried out in the framework of an open society, a democratic polity, committed to the rule of law, and respect for full human freedoms.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama and Prime Minister Singh of India Speak Before Bilateral Meeting | The White House

  • EU-funded technical assistance missions, carried out within the framework of the same Convention, promote social and economic development, in particular to strengthen the system of governance of the culture sector.

    UNESCO: Culture for Sustainable Development

  • Going forward the bank should actually apply the Equator Principles, a voluntary credit risk management framework with a set of guidelines for environmental and social risk assessment in sustainable project finance activities.

    FORBES: Is JPMorgan Chase America's New Bad Bank?

  • Particularly noteworthy this past year was definition of a specific framework and process for evaluating the performance of the Social Innovation Fund itself over the next five years relative to the expectations of Congress and the Administration.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Whenever left-leaning parties brought up a new issue or social program, the LDP would co-opt it and integrate it into their small-government framework.

    FORBES: A GOP Oblivious To Its Weaknesses Will Accomplish Very Little

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