• Jones sought a letter ruling from the IRS that would allow his client to put the money back into an IRA. The Service said no, and blamed the engineer for the mistake.

    FORBES: Watch Your Nest Egg

  • Now he's a software engineer for Yahoo's search service.

    FORBES: Companies, People, Ideas

  • At a moment when the PLA is increasingly ascendant and aggressive, both at home and abroad, Hu's assurances of no connection beyond its founder's past service in the military's now-disbanded engineer corps ring hollow.


  • Another engineer recently came up with Flu Trends, a service that determines flu outbreaks in the U.S. by scanning the searches people make for flu-related topics.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Think of all who have come home and settled on in a quiet life of service -- as a doctor or a police officer, an engineer or an entrepreneur, as a mom or a dad -- and in the process, changed countless lives.

    WHITEHOUSE: Remarks by the President on Veterans Day

  • The site, free student question and answer service Piazza, is the brainchild of former Facebook, Kosmix and Oracle engineer Pooja Sankar, who felt a need for students to be able to connect with each other around their classes.

    FORBES: Piazza's Q-And-A Website Goes Back To School

  • When I toured the island with National Park Service (NPS) staff in August 2010, Jim Calvinperez, the facilities manager and chief engineer, told me that 2, 000 gallons of diesel fuel had to be shipped to the island weekly in order to keep the generators in the power plant humming.

    FORBES: Solar-Powered Microgrid Slashes Alcatraz Island's Dependence On Fossil Fuels

  • And many bookmakers secretly pray for, without knowing quite how to engineer, a hefty failure among ring bookies, with winning punters left unpaid and normal service resumed.

    ECONOMIST: Racecourse betting

  • Merloni can connect machines to a service centre via a phone line, making possible off-site billing, testing and the dispatch of an engineer who knows what needs fixing in advance.

    ECONOMIST: Manufacturing in Europe: How to make it | The

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