• Mr Webb is far from being a lion of the Senate, roaring from the comfort of a safe seat.

    ECONOMIST: Far too many Americans are behind bars

  • The critics point to a recent parliamentary by-election in a safe seat, which the UMP held by only the thinnest of threads.

    ECONOMIST: Sarkozy and morality

  • But many expect that Mr Gandhi, who was re-elected to his safe seat in UP, will take over the job within a year or two.

    ECONOMIST: India's election

  • That effort will lead to a number of Tea Party-backed primary challenges in 2014, which could oust some pledge-breaking incumbents and put a safe seat into play.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Nor has the nasty row about the selection of Khalid Mahmood, the new candidate for the safe seat of Perry Barr, done Labour's standing any good in the city.

    ECONOMIST: General election

  • Mr Prodi has also gained by remaining aloof from another big decision: Mr D'Alema's offer to Antonio Di Pietro, the magistrate-turned-politician, of a safe seat in a forthcoming Senate by-election.

    ECONOMIST: Italy

  • In Indiana, the Republican faithful contrived to put a safe seat at risk by tossing out the incumbent of 36 years, Dick Lugar, in favour of Richard Mourdock, a tea-party hero.

    ECONOMIST: The Senate

  • Elected to parliament in 1981 to a safe seat in the north-west Peloponnese, grandpa's birthplace, he spent several years twiddling his thumbs before his father gave him a junior ministerial post, as official link with Greece's large, mostly American and Australian, diaspora.

    ECONOMIST: George Papandreou, flouting Greek tradition

  • Disgruntled male panjandrums in some constituency parties, who see a safe assembly seat as their right, are stirring up discontent over the new selection method.

    ECONOMIST: Welsh assembly

  • In 1992, as plain John Taylor, Lord Taylor had stood as the Tory candidate for Cheltenham, which is normally a safe Conservative seat when the candidate is white.

    ECONOMIST: Plagued by race

  • Labour nearly won what was reckoned a safe Tory seat.

    ECONOMIST: Politics

  • The only relatively safe Tory seat is Eastwood.

    ECONOMIST: Scottish politics: Roast Tory | The

  • They forced a moderate Republican out of the race for New York's 23rd congressional district last year (though the perverse result was that this allowed a Democrat to win in a normally safe Republican seat), and claim the credit for electing Scott Brown last month in Massachusetts.

    ECONOMIST: The tea-party convention

  • As for David Cameron, the rampant Conservative leader, who earlier in the week had mischievously pointed out that his party does not hold a single seat as statistically safe as Glasgow East, he advised Mr Brown to take his holiday (in Suffolk) and then hold a general election.

    ECONOMIST: British politics

  • Parents hoping to make a safe choice when shopping for a booster seat for their children are in luck.

    FORBES: Booster Seats Are Better Than Ever, a New Report Finds

  • Yes, the FAA, like everyone else in the aviation business, knows that kids are safe flying only when they have their own seat and an approved restraint.

    FORBES: FAA Thinks Flying With Lap Kids Is Unsafe, But Doesn't Require Kids' Seats

  • It's the third time in recent months that Democrats have taken a seat in a district that had long been safe for Republicans.

    NPR: Miss. Democrat Snags House Seat Held by GOP

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