• She listened to America's victims of the Vietnam war, both traumatised veterans and rueful ex-protesters.

    ECONOMIST: American men

  • His subjects—British, American, Israeli, male and female—are a succession of heartbreakers and rueful comedians.

    NEWYORKER: Trembling Before G-d

  • The Islamists of the Justice and Development Party, which is close to the Brotherhood, seemed rueful but gracious in accepting defeat.

    ECONOMIST: Libya’s election

  • His performance lifts the movie to the top of the rueful-retrospection class.

    NEWYORKER: Waterland

  • But in repeating this undertaking yet again in the House of Commons this week, not even Mr Blair could suppress a rueful smile.

    ECONOMIST: New Labour’s morning after | The

  • The rueful situation Buffett finds himself in is that he wants to buy up all his shares at the expense of people who are too near-sighted to sell.

    FORBES: Buffett Sets Floor For Berkshire, Shares Are Crazy Cheap

  • Now those fads are regarded with (rueful) nostalgia, and Americans are ploughing their money into real estate, with expectations of recouping a modest 20% or so a year on their investment.

    ECONOMIST: Greenspan’s last words? | The

  • The movie, written and directed by Jeff Prosserman, clumsily walks Markopolos through actions that he took years ago, but the rueful man at the center of the film remains an object of fascination.

    NEWYORKER: Chasing Madoff

  • The young documentary filmmaker Rachel Boynton follows the campaign from beginning to end, but she also cuts in rueful interviews with the principals that were filmed afterward, so we get reflections on the disaster as we watch it unfold.

    NEWYORKER: Our Brand is Crisis

  • The principal reason to see this film, as with its predecessor, is Michael Douglas, whose Gordon Gekko, after a spell in jail, looks older, no wiser, but more rueful about his crimes—unless, that is, you are cynical enough to believe that repentance itself can be a scam.

    NEWYORKER: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

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