• And on the 2016 election, the president noted in self-referential irony that potential Republican candidate Sen.

    NPR: Obama Jokes About Radical 2nd Term Changes

  • Self-referential jokes aside, Hendren also brought a great deal of light to the idiocy of social branding.

    FORBES: The Devil Tweets Proudly: Jon Hendren, Destroyer of Internet Brands and Mayor of 'Weird Twitter'

  • Earlier work had shown how assigning fuzzy values to self-referential sentences could give rise to mathematical chaos.

    ECONOMIST: Fuzzy logic

  • However, if the church remains closed in on itself, self-referential, it gets old.

    FORBES: Who Is Pope Francis?

  • One day in early August, the Wall was covered with self-referential posts.

    NEWYORKER: The Face of Facebook

  • Furthermore, the office has published several case studies and carried out pilot projects to be used as a referential for national policy-makers and education professionals.


  • "Music, and especially jazz, has always been referential, saying, 'I'll take a piece of that or I'll take a little piece of this, ' " Stein says.

    NPR: Steinski Gives A Sampling History Lesson

  • They are, with their rational basis in math and science and their clean modernist aesthetic, the perfect antidote to the postmodern, self-referential and celebrity art of the early aughts.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Meanwhile, outside the self-referential Cult of Neo-Keynesianism, in the past two years a dramatic shift in the international elite opinion stream is bringing the gold option back into consideration.

    FORBES: Signs Of The Gold Standard Are Increasingly Emerging...Worldwide

  • In particular, the conceit of linking his research to the ups and downs of his relationship with a tiresomely pro-communist (and humourless) girlfriend from East Germany is jarringly intrusive and self-referential.

    ECONOMIST: Communist jokes

  • But more complicated self-referential paradoxes are trickier to resolve.

    ECONOMIST: Fuzzy logic

  • Responding to the popularity of American movies in the early Bolshevik era, they adapted a 1923 faux-American novel written in Russia and turned its agitprop setup into what is surely one of the earliest movie-referential films.

    NEWYORKER: Miss Mend

  • The speech is referential without being relevant.

    NEWYORKER: Lives in Limbo

  • Indeed, the pair show that any set of self-referential sentences that assert complete truth or falsity about one another are exactly half-true. (Though other solutions are possible as well.) Other fractional truth-values arise when the sentences themselves make fuzzy assertions.

    ECONOMIST: Fuzzy logic

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