• The problems of putrid water and polluted air are largely—but not inevitably—the result of rapid industrialisation and urbanisation.

    ECONOMIST: Development and the environment

  • Then Pollak had to convince growers, who had too often seen their produce turn putrid on railcars inching their way across the country.

    FORBES: Join The Cold Train

  • It's about 120 degrees in Basra, and the stench from the putrid garbage in the streets makes one not want to linger anywhere.

    NPR: Basra's 'Sidewalk' Paper a Forum for the People

  • On the breaker side, Pablo Sandoval continued his putrid 2010 campaign, collecting just a single RBI and no runs over the past seven days.

    FORBES: Manny Ramirez and Fantasy Baseball's Trade Deadline Aftermath

  • They fished out pieces of heart, rotting tongues from a dog or sheep, offal, blood, a whole kidney "perfectly putrid", ligaments and tendons and a mass of pulp.

    BBC: The story of how the tin can nearly wasn't

  • Diners haven't been exposed to quality fat in recent years because pigs raised on a bad diet or living in high-stress environments will have yellowish fat that smells putrid.

    WSJ: High on the Hog

  • La Chureca rubbish dump on the outskirts of the city is home for hundreds of families, who somehow survive picking through the putrid garbage of their marginally more fortunate neighbours.

    BBC: Nicaragua's revolutionary legacy

  • The mountain is a giant, putrid layer-cake, with dozens of strata of rubbish separated by soil and plastic liners designed to contain the brew of noxious chemicals that would otherwise leach into groundwater.

    ECONOMIST: A history of waste

  • But at a nearby school, we are shown what Calacharo says is the norm, a small cluster of putrid open-pit latrines made of mud bricks worn to mere shells by rain and lack of repair.

    NPR: The Missed Education of African Girls

  • Instead of perfectly preserved beef, they found putrid meat so rotten that the stone floors needed to be coated with chloride of lime to mask the stench, according to an account in the Illustrated London News.

    BBC: The story of how the tin can nearly wasn't

  • Holding but one fragrance tank at a time definitely steals some of the potential fun, for it also seems unlikely that you could remotely sneak attack a friend who's on a first date, digitally wafting his table with the putrid stink of rotten eggs.

    CNN: Apparently This Matters: Smell-O-Vision for your phone

  • But other research suggests that seeing color can be something like tasting foods -- a pleasant flavor for one person may be too bitter or salty for another, just like a single shade of yellow could be seen as pretty or putrid by different people.

    CNN: Is 'red' the same to all creatures?

  • Sir Mervyn would also argue that so long as the Treasury kept RBS's stinkier assets long enough, and felt under no pressure to get rid of them in a fire sale, taxpayers would even end up (more than likely) making a profit on these putrid loans and investments.

    BBC: Business

  • With the smoking ban, smokers have the choice of either staying at home, or going to a pub and still enjoying everything they did before, but with the minor inconvenience of temporarily having to relocate to 10 metres away for a cigarette (purely in the trivial interest of not infecting everyone around you with your putrid stench).

    BBC: Non-smoker

  • The hours of killing time before riding over to the hall, the putrid vending-machine meals on the run, the way-too-early-in-the-morning vans to the airport -- the dreary parts all become more than worth it when, for an hour or so, the singers can once again personally deliver a bit of happiness to the audiences who still adore their music.

    CNN: What's better than a Grammy? Immortality

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