• As such, there is no reason not to be bullish now, even with the probabilities of corrections and pull backs along the way making the route a little bit too exciting.

    FORBES: Markets Show Steady Recovery

  • Not just today but in every aspect of your life, that's a commitment that both the President and I have made, that no matter how far we climb we're always looking back to figure out who we can pull up along the way.

    WHITEHOUSE: Celebrating National Mentoring Month

  • However, it is not clear to me that she has been an outspoken advocate working hard to pull other women along with her or after her as Ms. Bartz has surely tried to do.

    FORBES: Bad Hair Day For The Girls At The Top

  • In other words, rather than being a drain on global demand, China helped pull the world economy along during the course of last year.

    ECONOMIST: China's export prospects

  • Tit for tat, the Brits refused to pull their troops from forts along America's northern border.

    ECONOMIST: America's Founding Fathers

  • Microsoft is tinkering with a technology called Stuff I've Seen that will pull results from the Web along with one's own computer and its network. (Microsoft claims this won't make personal files viewable by the public.) Google's Internet Explorer toolbar tracks the sites users surf and relays the addresses back to headquarters.

    FORBES: Google Me Not

  • If you have a policy (which may be from the likes of UNUM, Guardian, Northwestern Mutual, MetLife or Cigna), pull out your copy and follow along.

    FORBES: How Much Is Your Foot Worth?

  • So pull up a browser and play along.

    FORBES: Play Wolfenstein 3D in a Browser, For Free

  • But let me just say in closing, we are very proud of this team, and we are very proud of the owner of this team, because it required a great commitment on your part to help pull this team and this city along.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Welcomes the New Orleans Saints

  • The pull-out from Panama this year, along with an expected withdrawal from Haiti, means that American forces have fewer bases in the Caribbean, too.

    ECONOMIST: Weapons testing

  • Currently available on the latest version of its iPad app (and listed as "coming soon" for Android tablets on the official page an in the demo video embedded after the break), Syfy Sync will work with certain shows to pull up interactive content on your mobile device along with whatever is playing on TV.

    ENGADGET: Syfy for iPad app adds Sync feature, second screen content launches Tuesday with Face Off (video)

  • Yes, there will be hiccups along the way such as the recent pull-back in commodity prices.

    FORBES: The outlook for 2011

  • Each roughly 56-square-foot room has a daybed—those in Philadelphia have an additional pull-out trundle—pillows and blankets, along with a 32-inch HDTV that also can be used as a computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

    FORBES: Pod Hotels Coming To An Airport Near You

  • Many of our economic actions, our interventions, whether it's housing, financial markets, certainly the Recovery Act as we're talking about today, along with actions of the Fed, have certainly helped to pull the economy back from the brink, such that the macro-economy is in a much better place than it was.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • That is because with the lower tax rates, incomes boomed along with the economy, and high income taxpayers had the incentives to pull their money out of tax shelters and invest it in the real economy, fueling the boom while increasing their reported incomes.

    FORBES: Obama's Budget: The Decline and Fall of the American Economy

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