• It is in part for reasons like these that Alexis de Tocqueville claimed the poorly-off did not want the wealth of the wealthy so much as their pride.

    FORBES: Gawker, Bain, Romney, And Why Wealth Isn't All About Inequality

  • The economic news last week started off poorly but closed fairly strong.

    FORBES: The Week Ahead: Will 2013 Be Another Double-Digit Year?

  • Benioff told the New York Times he thinks the event was cancelled because Ellison gave a poorly received kick-off keynote at the conference on Sunday night.

    FORBES: Oracle Boots Salesforce.com's Benioff From Conference

  • Former President Bill Clinton, for example, told audiences that the reason Democrats faired so poorly in the 1994 off-year elections, when Republicans took over the House and Senate for the first time in 40 years, was his failure to pass ClintonCare.


  • Poorly designed regulations can choke off competition and the capital that businesses need to thrive.

    WHITEHOUSE: Moving Forward on a New Foundation

  • Overseas investors show little mercy to countries where public spending gets out of hand, the currency gets out of line, the banks are poorly supervised or companies rip off outside owners.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • For instance, prosecutors say, he was involved in manufacturing earnings and concealing debt through sham sales of poorly performing assets to an off-balance-sheet partnership run by Andrew Fastow, Enron's former chief financial officer.

    ECONOMIST: The Enron drama goes to trial | The

  • Forbes should not have offered a poorly written counterpoint, to stave off the stinging criticism for Michael's researched editorial.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • At least half of the damage, however, occurs hours later, as the initial injury sets off a complex and poorly understood chemical cascade that disables surrounding cells.

    FORBES: Repairing The Brain

  • The military should also make it easier to lay off officers who are performing poorly.

    FORBES: How The Military Squanders Its Management Talent

  • There are some false moves — the musical starts off shakily, Sands is poorly served by a song in the second act in which he seems to have been abandoned by the rest of the show, and Porter has a tendency to leave scenes screeching like the Wicked Witch of the West.

    NPR: Review: Sweet 'Kinky Boots' An Ode To Love, Shoes

  • Deriving strength from their large, poorly nourished numbers, the farmers gradually killed off most of the hunter-gatherers and drove the rest from their land.

    NEWYORKER: The Sanctuary

  • The board of cash-strapped Telecom Italia rejected the proposal, arguing that the pay-off was unwarranted, given how poorly shares in the group have performed.

    ECONOMIST: European telecoms: Running for the exit | The

  • Ward talks of steering wheels that break off and "float" during wrecks in poorly made cars — moving around the cabin in the driver's area.

    NPR: AP IMPACT: Cars Made In Brazil Are Deadly

  • We can have a situation where the economy is doing great and stocks sell off, or when the economy is doing poorly and stocks go up.


  • This was to be the pattern of his short life—in and out of poorly paid jobs, squeezing out the meagrest of livings, spongeing off family and friends—anything to keep body and soul together as he pursued the seemingly impossible task of living as a poet.

    ECONOMIST: Lives (7): American poets

  • However, the new political realities have taken new government stimulus spending off the table, to a large extent because the first huge round of stimulus spending was so poorly planned and executed.

    FORBES: The Real Problem With Obama's Tax-Cut Priorities

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