• The party boss has fierce convictions, and knows where he wants Germany to go.

    ECONOMIST: Who’s running Germany?

  • As a politician, those close to him say he is warm and tactile, like an old party boss.

    ECONOMIST: Japan’s Ichiro Ozawa

  • After Mr Foss declared himself to be homosexual, he easily won election earlier this year as party boss in Oslo, the capital.

    ECONOMIST: Norway and Sweden

  • Did the government and the party boss put the young reformers up to it then, with at least implicit promises of reward?

    ECONOMIST: Germany

  • But even if Mr Marcinkiewicz continues as prime minister thereafter, few doubt that the party boss will be pulling his strings from the shadows.

    ECONOMIST: Return of the right | The

  • Mr Lee, however, is confident that he can unite the party, and on September 30th he officially replaced President Kim Young Sam as party boss.

    ECONOMIST: South Korea

  • Leadership is shared between the party boss, president and prime minister.

    ECONOMIST: Vietnam

  • In Azerbaijan, former Soviet Party boss Heydar Aliyev took power in a 1993 coup, cemented by an "election" in which he won almost 99% of the vote.

    FORBES: Freedom Beats A Global Retreat

  • Paradoxically, it was the qualities that are now considered her handicaps to being accepted as party boss—her sex and her Ossi background—that at first propelled her upwards.

    ECONOMIST: Angela Merkel, Germany’s new-look conservative

  • The controversial Communist Party boss known for leading a revival of Maoist ideology and recently embroiled in a high-profile political intrigue has been ousted from his post.

    FORBES: China Replaces Scandalized Party Chief

  • Parliament, where the ANC has a big majority, seems to be keeping the executive in check more vigorously since Mr Zuma ousted Mr Mbeki as the party boss.

    ECONOMIST: South Africa

  • Observers note that when the last wave of major unrest shook Tibet — in 1989 — the region's Communist Party boss did not hesitate to unleash a harsh military and political crackdown.

    NPR: Violent Protests in Tibet Catch China Off-Guard

  • The outspoken and doveish Mr Mitzna, a former army general and the mayor of Haifa for the past eight years, trounced his party boss, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, in Labour's leadership race earlier this month.

    ECONOMIST: Sharon's sombre victory | The

  • The son of a poor building worker, he had a meteoric rise through communist ranks to become the party boss of the industrial city of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) in the Urals, an important regional post.

    ECONOMIST: Russia’s flawed reformer | The

  • Take that, party boss number five!

    FORBES: Are China's Leaders Serious About Tackling Corruption? Nomura Says Yes

  • The sad truth for Mr Waigel is that he can remain party boss only because Mr Stoiber reckons that now would be a bad moment to bounce him—just ten months before both a general election and (especially) a Bavarian state election, which is due a fortnight earlier.

    ECONOMIST: Bavaria

  • In addition to Mr Zeng, Mr Jiang has also succeeded in installing two other close associates from his days as party chief of Shanghai in the 1980s—Huang Ju, who himself served as Shanghai's party boss until last month, and Wu Bangguo, a deputy prime minister who was Shanghai's party secretary in the early 1990s.

    ECONOMIST: China's new line-up

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