• Sprinkle the oregano under the wings and a little over the rest of the turkey.

    NPR: Recipes: 'Big Sky Cooking'

  • The pungent aroma of farmhouse cheese competes with that of mint and oregano.

    BBC: A perfect day in Istanbul

  • Another combines rich Italian tonno and fragrant oregano and onions, evoking the world's most elegant tuna melt.

    WSJ: Homemade Pizza Recipes: Pizza Perfect

  • Eggplant, olives and tomatoes, generally brightened with rosemary, oregano and mint, found their way into most every dish.

    WSJ: The Produce-Packed Cuisine of Pantelleria

  • On the corner Forno di Campo de'Fiori sells crispy, hot-from-the-oven pizza rossa (topped with tomato and oregano).

    BBC: A perfect day in Rome

  • The cheese is drizzled with olive oil, flavoured with oregano, grilled and manageably served on a wooden skewer.

    BBC: A seaside taste of Rio de Janeiro

  • If we have to, we will roast bread, olive oil and oregano.

    BBC: Why young rural Greeks are set to embrace Syriza

  • We would remove the shells and inedible innards, then briefly oven-bake the crustaceans in a bath of garlic, oregano, olive oil, butter and white wine.

    WSJ: Endless-Summer Baked Blue Crab

  • Add the bay leaf and oregano and stir well to combine.

    NPR: Salpicon Recipe

  • About three hours in, we got a slab of lamb ribs cooked with honey and a side of potatoes with oregano, olive oil and lemon juice.

    NPR: Crete: Ancient Diet with Modern Message

  • But one small reform could strike a meaningful blow for reason and cost-effectiveness: Apply the rules governing the advertising of aspirin to the advertising of oregano tablets.

    CNN: Herbal remedies need real scrutiny

  • Cooked on the grill and seasoned with lime juice and oregano, the meat acquires a rich smoky flavor that's quite different from that of the oven-roasted variety.

    NPR: Recipes: 'Big Sky Cooking'

  • The menu is primarily contemporary Italian, featuring dishes such as porcini mushroom soup, eggplant parmigiana served in puff pastry, and branzino with celery root puree, tomato, capers and fresh oregano.

    BBC: Business trip: New York City

  • At ZED451 in downtown Chicago chef Patrick Quakenbush prepares a braised octopus salad paired with more familiar ingredients including frisee, kalamata olives, heirloom tomatoes, fresh oregano, cucumbers and a lemon vin.

    FORBES: Chefs Redefine Comfort Foods

  • Many American words come from Spanish, like chile, chocolate, oregano, banana, avocado, barbecue, cafeteria, mosquito, alligator, rodeo, mustang, burro, corral, plaza, cannibal, canoe, cargo, poncho, stampede, tornado, bonanza, armada, amigo and adios.

    FORBES: Four Easy Ways For Republicans To Attract Immigrant Voters

  • That now-famous recipe from Sheila Lukins and Julie Russo in their 1982 cookbook "The Silver Palate, " took familiar ingredients (chicken, oregano, garlic) and called for the addition of exotic prunes, capers and green olives.

    WSJ: The Rules of Recipe Attraction

  • Rusks are eaten saturated with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano, slathered with eggplant dip or olive paste, or topped with chopped tomatoes, soft cheese and oregano — a typical Cretan tavern food called dakos.

    NPR: Crete: Ancient Diet with Modern Message

  • La Barra Bar serves cocktails such as Lady Boca (gin and tonic infused with Andean herbal tea) and traditional match foods like pizza de cancha (a pizza with tomato sauce and oregano) and choripan (an Argentine sausage sandwich).

    BBC: Football dreams in Argentina

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