• One operation can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars without insurance, and concierge medicine does nothing to solve that problem.

    FORBES: Concierge medicine as a replacement for insurance

  • Elsewhere in the U.S., the operation can cost more than twice that.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But the hardware is easily the biggest cost of the operation—the average retail price is around eight thousand dollars, and some cost twice that, with no solid evidence of real differences in results.

    NEWYORKER: Big Med

  • In 1998 Folz began to rationalize the entire assembly operation by introducing a cost-cutting strategy.

    FORBES: Businessman of the Year

  • Officials say these include a say in the design, cost and operation of the planned new terminal.

    ECONOMIST: Malaysia's airport controversy

  • All this, says Gilles Marion, the head of Cetelem's Polish operation, increases the cost of credit .

    ECONOMIST: Consumer lending is taking root in central Europe

  • But in many future conflicts the military operation was likely to cost less than the aftermath: training police, switching the lights back on, building democracy and so forth.

    ECONOMIST: Barack Obama’s awfully big change in America’s use of force

  • The cost of the operation in real terms has declined more than 50% over the past decade.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • When you or your family faces major surgery or medical treatment, the cost of the operation is the last thing on your mind.

    FORBES: How To Avoid Medical Debt

  • Because of this transition to a broader, NATO-based coalition, the risk and cost of this operation -- to our military and to American taxpayers -- will be reduced significantly.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama’s Speech on Libya

  • Nigeria, which had complained about the cost of the present operation, welcomed the move.

    ECONOMIST: Happy birthday?

  • It has previously shunned any role in the ISAF and has said that it is already paying more than its fair share by bearing the bulk of the cost of the military operation which defeated the Taliban last autumn.

    ECONOMIST: America to the rescue? | The

  • The real cost however is in the operation and overall management or integration of Big Data within the existing ecosystem.

    FORBES: The Big Cost Of Big Data

  • "Dividend" money is what's left for the team's university (for academic purposes, including scholarship payments for players) and athletic department (to support non-revenue sports) after the cost of running the basketball operation in question.

    FORBES: Basketball

  • Yet he's optimistic about the long-term cost savings and synergies of the combined operation.

    FORBES: Stock Focus: Internet Companies With Hope

  • Other advantages to the franchisee include cost savings from the bulk buying capacity of a large operation, and the marketing benefits of central advertising and promotion of the business.


  • It's a synergistic, cost-effective way to make BET a true national news operation, but BET executives worry that many news stories will be covered by white correspondents.

    FORBES: The cable capitalist

  • That is in theory a deductible business expense, but often it must be capitalized into the cost of the vines depending on how you legally structure your operation.

    FORBES: Self-Employment

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