• Of course, this study is subject to the caveats that it: (a) only involved one decision making task and (b) only involved undergraduate students.

    FORBES: Have a Tough Decision to Make? Science Says: 'Sleep On It!'

  • Iowa has a nonpartisan system to draw districts, and California will get one (albeit only for state legislative districts) if a ballot initiative passes this fall.

    FORBES: DIY Democracy

  • The market leaders in France (Go Voyages) and Germany (Priceline) capture only a bit more then one-tenth of the online-travel market in their respective countries.

    ECONOMIST: Business travel

  • Though it knows they have no chance of entry in the first intake (and only a slim one later), Denmark believes strongly that the door should be kept open to them.

    ECONOMIST: Nordic security

  • He found that the five most successful English clubs during that time—Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Newcastle—used only six managers in that period (and Vialli was one of them, at Chelsea, for only a couple of months).

    FORBES: Pennies Or Points: How Should We Judge A Manager?

  • To ameliorate both our envious retreats (inward, to resentfully brood) and our prideful advances (outward, to fight for power and display status), only one mechanism will do — a government so all-powerful that we mere mortals are equally and categorically overawed.

    FORBES: What Ryan and Republicans Risk Getting Totally Wrong

  • Named Autostadt (Car City), the VW campus is open to the public and is marked most promimently by a Ritz-Carlton Hotel (the only other one in Germany is in Berlin) and two cylindrical towers 48 meters high that hold 400 new cars ready for pick-up by their prospective owners.

    FORBES: When You Think Volkswagen Think Bentleys, Bratwurst And Big Art

  • The spread between emerging-market and treasury bond yields reached a record low of 169 basis points (a bit over one-and-a-half percentage points) in April and is still only around 185 points.

    ECONOMIST: A health check for emerging markets

  • That might appear premature, given that the Bush administration has explicitly ruled out unrestricted trading with a Cuban government under Raul Castro, Fidel's brother and presumed successor, and that only one American presidential candidate (Chris Dodd, a Democratic outsider) has called for a complete end to the embargo.

    ECONOMIST: Getting ready for a post-Castro bonanza

  • And the (erroneous) feeling to be the only one who disagrees makes a person shut up as well, all the way to Abilene.

    FORBES: Fraud and the Road to Abilene

  • Broadcast television has only one (advertising), satellite television has one and a half (subscriptions and a bit of advertising), and telecoms companies have two (telephone and high-speed Internet).

    ECONOMIST: European Media

  • He is the only president for whom real disposable income grew at less than 1% (0.7%) and the only one who suffered a decline in the civilian work force, down an average of 690, 000 a year.

    FORBES: The Five Worst Presidents for the Economy: #1=W

  • Only one (implausible) event might bring about rapid, and real, competition: a sudden surge of interest by the average American in his electricity bill.

    ECONOMIST: Chopping up America’s power | The

  • Harryhausen's last film, "The Clash of the Titans" (1981), was the only one with a big budget and major cast: Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Burgess Meredith, Harry Hamlin and Claire Bloom.

    NPR: Special Effects Master Ray Harryhausen Dies At 92

  • At a suburban campus of the Shanghai Vocational School of Technology and Business, half the students are migrants and half are local Shanghainese (five years ago, only one student in seven was a migrant).

    ECONOMIST: Problems for migrants

  • One of the causes of this (and not the only cause) is the way in which being a doctor is becoming a majority female profession these days.

    FORBES: The Problem With Female Doctors

  • Essex Property Trust (ESS) is a twenty year old company and just only one of three multifamily REITs that have had positive growth in distributions over the past 10 years, and did not decrease dividends along the way in 2009.

    FORBES: Essex Property Trust: Sharper Differentiation That Leads Greater Dividend Repeatability

  • The yield curve is flattening in America (the gap between the short-term federal funds rate and yields on ten-year Treasuries is only a smidgeon more than one percentage point) and in Britain it is inverted (long bonds yield less than shorter ones).

    ECONOMIST: Buttonwood

  • Further clicking (and waiting) revealed that GM was offering only one Sports Convertible on the site: A 1998 Pontiac Trans Am.

    FORBES: Test drive

  • Although under America's anti-bribery law the penalties can be fearsome (multi-million-dollar fines and jail terms), only one case a year on average has actually been prosecuted.

    ECONOMIST: A global war against bribery

  • Gloopy toppings, like egg salad with anchovies, or brandada de bacalao, an emulsion of salt cod and potato, can make for messy handoffs (there is only one piece per order), but a side of extra bread helps sop up spills.

    NEWYORKER: Francesca

  • This despite the fact that the Mormon Church renounced polygamy more than a century ago and that Romney has only ever had one wife (Ann, married since 1969).

    FORBES: What if Hugh Hefner were Mitt Romney's Great-grandfather?

  • Some cards weren't useful at all, including a calendar card that only had room to display one appointment (and it was invariably someone else's from a team calendar).

    ENGADGET: HTC One X+ review: it's the One X, and then some (video)

  • Broomer believes she is one of only a handful of specialists who deal full-time in relics and reliquaries (vessels that contain relics), though Christie's and other auction houses offer them for sale occasionally.

    FORBES: Holy Relics

  • The firm, which leans heavily on mathematical computer-driven models, is known for being incredibly selective in its hires: only one in 500 applicants make the cut (Amazon founder and fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos is a former employee).

    FORBES: David Shaw

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