• Each Fellow must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute meaningfully at senior levels in the Federal government.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • They represent a critical set of behaviors and disciplines that one must possess to advance and succeed as a leader.

    FORBES: 5 Ways to Identify Prospective Leaders

  • The adviser must possess and use empathy.

    FORBES: Is Your Investment Adviser Earning His Keep?

  • Plenty of startups build viable businesses by playing it safe, but to go big the whole team must possess the confidence in the product and the personal audacity to welcome risks and go all in on their vision.

    FORBES: 3 Features Of Great Startups: How To Make A VC Go All In

  • They must also possess an effective management structure, clearly defined boundaries and a sufficiently large area to permit significant sustainable economic development, primarily through tourism.

    UNESCO: Eleven sites added to global Geoparks Network

  • Eight states thus far have declared that they either possess weapons (which they must destroy) or else have had military programmes in the past.

    ECONOMIST: Chemical weapons

  • The Bush Administration inherited few initiatives that Washington could build on, but the president has taken advantage of some inherent qualities that both the United States and India possess and some burdens that each must address.


  • Poets must be well-versed in the Greek Cypriot dialect, possess adequate knowledge of the popular poetry of Cyprus and the ability to retrieve existing, well-known Tsiattista and, above all, must be able to improvise a new couplet on a specific theme within very strict time constraints and be able to respond to his or her opponent.

    UNESCO: Tsiattista poetic duelling

  • As for North Korea, which claims to already possess nuclear weapons, the report says the regime there must change its policies, open its system and give its people freedom.

    NPR: White House Updates National Security Strategy

  • But he must also pick candidates who have demonstrated that they understand these questions and possess the force of character to make fair and impartial decisions even in the face of external pressure to rule on other grounds.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • No matter how staunch and defined your feelings may be when it comes to regulating guns, or your desire to see these weapons disappear altogether from our society, somewhere in the back of your mind you must recognize that those who are passionate in their support of gun ownership do possess a few points—grounded in both logic and law—that support their position.

    FORBES: Guns: What Do We Do Now?

  • The young apprentice must struggle with filial obligations, his sense of morality and whether it's better to possess money or integrity.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In the world of IT, we often rely on the fact that the real world claimant of any information who must then be authenticated, before he may be permitted the use of his information, will also possess and may timely share certain secrets unknown to anyone else.

    ECONOMIST: Fake ID cards

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