• Perhaps, when dirt on almost everybody becomes readily available, politics will lose its hypocritical, moralistic tone.

    ECONOMIST: Tech.view: Everybody does it | The

  • Lives and property are put in danger in exchange for the satisfactions of bean-counting and moralistic coercion.

    FORBES: Is Fire Protection a Right or a Privilege?

  • This combination of compassionate liberalism and moralistic conservatism means that Latinos are natural allies neither of whites nor of blacks.

    ECONOMIST: A minority worth cultivating

  • The persistent war on cash has more to do with moralistic society than it does with civil society as Wolman claims.

    FORBES: The Cashless Utopia Mirage

  • Dan (Carell) is a moralistic newspaper columnist, a widower, and a strict but beleaguered father of three daughters, two of them teen-agers.

    NEWYORKER: Dan in Real Life

  • Though the press-shy Anschutz would provide only vague answers to written questions through a secretary, his record shows a decidedly moralistic streak.

    FORBES: Morality Play

  • Though the famously press-shy Anschutz would only provide vague answers to written questions through a secretary, his track record bears out a decidedly moralistic streak.

    FORBES: Morality Play

  • Mr Cela's novels contain implicit criticism of Franco's Spain, and his love of the scatological and erotic was an affront to the moralistic conventions of the day.

    ECONOMIST: Camilo José Cela

  • Merely wishing away human sexual behaviour does nothing for the potential victims of AIDS, many of whom are innocent under even the most moralistic definition of that word.

    ECONOMIST: The pope in Africa

  • In the beginning, there was the lordly general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford), a Bible-quoting, sixty-four-year-old Republican with a strong moralistic streak and a sharp eye for business.

    NEWYORKER: Artful Dodgers

  • But in "Drinkin' Problem, " Lori McKenna goes in a different direction, sidestepping the usual moralistic dimension in favor of getting under the skin of someone for whom the issue is an immediate concern.

    NPR: In 'Drinkin' Problem,' an Enabler Finds Clarity

  • But the compelling reason for the American government to punish certain states with economic sanctions is the moralistic belief that sinners should receive their just deserts—especially if influential groups of American voters are pushing for such punishment.

    ECONOMIST: Curbing terrorism

  • Mr McCain's approach to economics is moralistic.

    ECONOMIST: John McCain's economics

  • But while conservatives can be forgiven for sneering a bit at the way the Obama Administration's moralistic self-righteousness has been succeeded by a quiet, almost embarrassed validation of Bush-era counter-terrorist policy, we need to give credit where credit is due.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • In any case, sanctions have only worked -- and worked over the course of many years -- in the unique cases of Rhodesia and South Africa, when the Communist world happily supported a guilty, moralistic West in ending white minority rule.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: All carrots, no sticks

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