• Brain-doping makes it all too easy to let success slip through your hands without adding to your reservoir of realistic self-confidence.

    FORBES: When 'Study Drugs' Kill (Part 2): Reducing The Risks From Brain-Doping

  • At Rome's Stadio Flaminio, it looked like England were going to let victory slip through their fingers for a second successive game.

    BBC: Stevens backs England to triumph

  • Do not let it slip through your fingers.

    WHITEHOUSE: Middle East Peace Talks

  • But near the end of the session, the tough, pragmatic Pelosi -- the one who has the uphill battle to keep her speakership, the one Republicans boast they want to "fire" -- let something slip through her relentlessly upbeat analysis.

    CNN: The Sweep: What went wrong for Democrats

  • If you are worn down by the cold enthusiasm of professional sports, the joyless grind through the schedule and the perfunctory fist-bumps of millionaires, here is a team unafraid to let their personalities slip through, and let a game feel like a game.

    WSJ: 2012 London Olympics: U.S. Women's Soccer Team: A New World Order at Old Trafford - Jason Gay

  • Watson and Olasewere seemed determined not to let this one slip through their fingers.

    WSJ: LIU Brooklyn earns NCAA berth with Northeast title

  • The other candidates include airport security firms, whose employees let armed terrorists slip through, and Boeing, which built the planes.

    ECONOMIST: The insurance bill

  • And having waited 48 years for a return to Europe's top table, Spurs cannot afford to let the opportunity slip through their fingers.

    BBC: Spurs target Euro elite

  • The evidence speaks for itself: don't let this escape to Panama slip through your fingers.

    BBC: Daily deal: An escape to the Panamanian cloud forest

  • Given the amount of money that the U.S. has spent on the war in Iraq, and even more importantly the number of U.S. soldiers injured and killed in Iraq--4, 401 soldiers have been killed in Iraq as of May 11, according to the Department of Defense--Pickens says that we shouldn't have let Iraq's oil slip through our fingers.


  • Lehmann himself was guilty of two glaring errors earlier in the season when his miscued clearance allowed Fulham's David Healy to score and then, in the following match, he let David Dunn's shot slip through his grasp to gift Blackburn a point at Ewood Park.

    BBC: Wenger to keep faith with Almunia

  • Taylor closed in on his 50 when Broad let his drive to deep backward point slip through his fingers for four, and the 24-year-old notched his second half-ton of the match with a stunning drive square of the wicket.

    BBC: Sloppy England on course for win

  • And a bonus came when news filtered through that leaders Halesowen had let slip a 4-1 lead with nine minutes to go to draw 4-4 with Swindon Supermarine.

    BBC: Huge support can help Lynn do it

  • She let star hires such as Steve Hildebrand, now Obama deputy campaign manager, slip through her fingers in favor of longtime loyalists with questionable track records -- such as campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle and controversial strategist Mark Penn.

    CNN: Analysis: Why Clinton's bid failed

  • United had let a two-goal lead slip against Liverpool at home in a season which has been marked by them conceding leads through lapses in intensity and concentration.

    BBC: Man Utd 2-2 West Brom

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