• From an occupancy standpoint, Realty Income ended the fourth quarter with 97.2% occupancy and 84 properties available for lease out of the 3, 013.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • The big risk here has to do with the Federal Communications Commission's decision to stop forcing the Baby Bells to lease out their consumer phone lines at discount prices.

    FORBES: Trial by Fire

  • Some own and lease out drill-rigs.

    ECONOMIST: Oil firms you have never heard of are booming

  • The Silicon Valley lease works out to about 11, 000 square feet of data center space.

    FORBES: Connect

  • The ploy in question is called a SILO (sale-in, lease-out) deal.

    FORBES: Will SILOs Collapse?

  • In the late 1970s, there was a feeling in Britain that China might not bother to reclaim Hong Kong when its lease ran out in 1997.

    ECONOMIST: Ji Pengfei

  • Rafael Correa, who takes office as Ecuador's new president next month, says he will not allow the Americans to stay once their ten-year lease runs out in 2009.

    ECONOMIST: A looming fight over the drug war

  • SILOs came into wide use after the government shut down an earlier form of lease deal, called LILOs (lease-in, lease-out) in 1999, contending they had no economic substance and were simply improper tax shelters.

    FORBES: Will SILOs Collapse?

  • If it's your own dining room you're standing in and you wish to sell your property, they can give you an honest assessment of what it would fetch on the rental market if you opt to lease it out instead.


  • Others, such as Mozoon, replied saying that in the case of household purchases, the way it works is that the Islamic lender buys the item on your behalf, and you agree to lease it at first, eventually buying out the lease.

    ECONOMIST: A reader debate on Islamic finance

  • Today, the company is called Panda Property Development, the 50-year lease having turned out to be its most valuable asset.

    ECONOMIST: South Korean business

  • Katz says his program, which he calls "The PFS Simple Lease" refunds all interest charges to the driver if the driver wants to get out of the lease early.

    FORBES: How To Get More Ferraris For Your Money

  • Buy now and spread out your lease over three 10-month periods, with only 30% of your total obligation due in 2012.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The guarantee will extend retroactively to anyone who previously used Tesla financing and is personally backed by Musk, who said that he would pay out the lease value from his own coffers if anything should prevent the company from doing so.

    FORBES: Elon Musk Ups Resale Value Of Tesla Model S: 'We Decided We Were Wrong'

  • It compared the 1, 100 clients who had taken out an auto lease in the past with a control group of 14, 000 other members.

    FORBES: The Resurrection of NCR

  • Watch out for other lease components that can jack up costs.

    FORBES: Going Into Hock

  • Before emerging from bankruptcy court, the Penguins hammered out a much improved lease with SMG, the company that controls the Civic Arena.

    FORBES: Mario Lemieux, Value Investor

  • MS. ZICHAL: And so -- one of the options that the Department of Interior is exploring is looking at the terms of the lease sales, so that when a company is going out proactively and developing aggressively on their leases, there are additional opportunities we have to extend those lease sales -- so more of a carrot approach.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

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