• So deficit reduction of one percentage point could knock up to 1.7 percentage points off growth.

    ECONOMIST: The fund ponders fiscal consolidation

  • Sellers can now choose to skip the auction process entirely--a take-it-or-leave-it choice--that's great for the quick sale of items like Palm handhelds, but a disadvantage for someone selling, say, a used Louis Vuitton bag that might draw many bidders who knock up the price.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Merely having and letting employees know there is such a reporting system, even if it's used primarily for discrimination and harassment issues, enables a company to knock off up to three points on the ten-point "culpability score" the feds use to determine the severity of the sentence.

    FORBES: Corporate Confidential

  • As a check, the researchers sequenced the DNA from some of the flourishing spots (a Mycoplasma genome is the sort of thing a modern sequencing set-up can knock off before its morning coffee).

    ECONOMIST: Artificial lifeforms

  • Another snag is that several members of parliament in the affected provinces have bought up land at knock-down prices, knowing that the government will compensate them handsomely once the area is flooded.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey’s latest controversial dam

  • Packard had also hooked up with an old classmate, Bill Hewlett, and during their free hours the two men would knock around in the garage trying to come up with product ideas for their own company.

    FORBES: Great Garages

  • The critics can't knock those trust funds Mama set up for us.

    ECONOMIST: Early film

  • In fact, technology companies are coming up with innovations that knock my socks off (not that I make a habit of wearing socks but you catch my drift).

    FORBES: HR Technology: A Revolution for the World of Work

  • You can knock one of these nuclei from up to down by bathing it in radio waves of a particular frequency (exactly which frequency depends on the element).

    ECONOMIST: The cost of forgetting

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