• Nevertheless, officials reckon that lower energy prices will knock around 0.6 percentage points off inflation in 2013.

    ECONOMIST: The president cuts taxes again

  • Packard had also hooked up with an old classmate, Bill Hewlett, and during their free hours the two men would knock around in the garage trying to come up with product ideas for their own company.

    FORBES: Great Garages

  • Neutrons ejected from a watery surface move much more slowly than those from a rocky one, because the hydrogen nuclei in water are light enough for an exiting neutron to knock around—much like one billiard ball hitting another—a process that slows the neutron down.

    ECONOMIST: Divining water

  • The only hole I couldn't knock out was the one around a flat, essentially 0% return.

    FORBES: Break Their Crystal Balls

  • Yes, there are knock-on effects being felt around the world from the European crisis.

    FORBES: Where Investors Are Being Paid To Take On Risk

  • Even though grape harvesters, which shake or knock grapes from vines, have been around for about 40 years, some growers still pick by hand.

    ECONOMIST: Agricultural robots

  • That is no knock on the software, and the commercial devices we have been promised around midyear should do better.

    FORBES: Google Chrome, HP Printers - Software Uber Alles

  • This makes them easy to set up--no tower or central antenna needed--as well as hard to knock out, since if one device goes down, the others will route around it.

    FORBES: Motorola Moves Into Mesh

  • Now, on the other hand, when business and labor are working together, then we can compete against anybody, and we can knock down trade barriers in other countries, and we can start selling products around the world.

    WHITEHOUSE: Making the Right Choice for the Economy

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