• Parrot is an itinerant English printer who—thanks to an over-complicated plot—ends up as Olivier's servant-cum-minder.

    ECONOMIST: New fiction 2

  • In March 1996 the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page story about an itinerant stockbroker named Ross Mandell.

    FORBES: Second Act

  • An earlier Cecil County law required fortune-tellers to be property-owners and long-time residents, which kept out itinerant gypsies.

    ECONOMIST: Fortune-teller, tell thyself

  • So she left to work as a itinerant hacker and programmer for awhile before forming LightSail in 2008.

    FORBES: 30 Under 30: Energy

  • They will pass each other by like shadows, briefly sharing the same hazardous ambit: the itinerant theatre of Paris.

    NEWYORKER: Labyrinth

  • There he would rest, and reflect, and perhaps decide to live differently, without this constant travail of the itinerant.

    NEWYORKER: The Limner

  • Matrix developers had hoped to allow law-enforcement agencies nationwide to instantaneously connect the dots about itinerant felons like the D.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Balancing security and privacy during wartime

  • Even romantic interests must be amenable to the itinerant lifestyle of an aspiring golfer with a paucity of free time.

    FORBES: Three Steps to Making Better Decisions

  • When he was released, he found work as an itinerant portrait photographer.

    ECONOMIST: Foday Sankoh

  • An itinerant entertainer of sorts, he is also something of an outcast.

    ECONOMIST: What clowns and painters have in common

  • Over the past five years his company, Geronimo Inns, has taken over nine London pubs, gentrified them and installed good chefs, often itinerant antipodeans.

    ECONOMIST: Restaurants

  • Dennis Lenahan is an itinerant high-dive artist who makes a perilous living by leaping off an 80-foot ladder into a shallow tub of water.

    ECONOMIST: New American fiction

  • Church leaders claimed that many local people were sympathetic to the itinerant farmworkers, but there is also evidence that plenty were engaged in systematic harassment.

    ECONOMIST: Immigration in Italy

  • More than 150 years ago, Konstantinos Voulgaris was an itinerant Greek silversmith, traveling around the towns of Epirus near the Albanian border hawking his wares.

    FORBES: Bulgari Brothers, Jewelers To The Stars, Are Billionaires Thanks To Tiny LVMH Stake

  • Then, in one of the more bizarre twists in this itinerant choreographer's tale, Mr Galili learnt how to cut and shape poodles' hair for rich poodle-owners.

    ECONOMIST: Contemporary dance

  • In 1932, an itinerant troupe of stunt and race fliers at a New Orleans waterfront fairground attracts the attention of Burke Devlin (Rock Hudson), an ambitious and colorful journalist.

    NEWYORKER: The Tarnished Angels

  • Beginning the rounds of Nurpur Harouni on his itinerant mornings, summoned to a broken pump, Nawab and his bicycle bumped along, decorative plastic flowers swaying on wires sprouting from the frame.

    NEWYORKER: Nawabdin Electrician

  • One of them, the Hsuan Tsang Temple, houses the remains of the great itinerant monk Hsuan Tsang, immortalized in the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West, who went on a 16-year pilgrimage to India.

    FORBES: Taiwan

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