• Who cares about your hair style, just get it out of your face and off your shoulders.

    FORBES: Taking Back Pink

  • Bobak Ferdowsi, a flight director who changed his hair style for every milestone in the mission, had buzzed the sides of his head and dyed it with stars and stripes.

    NEWYORKER: The Martian Chroniclers

  • Unlike many of her Hollywood counterparts who wear runway looks exactly like as they are shown on the catwalk, Fan Bingbing knows how to inject an element of surprise and even a touch of kookiness into her ensembles, whether its through an improvised turban like the one she donned at an Elie Saab show or through the many incarnations of her hair style.

    FORBES: Is Fan Bingbing the Cate Blanchett or Lady Gaga of China

  • Best's fans knew they were blue, just as they knew the name of the hairdresser who kept his Beatle-style hair in trim.

    ECONOMIST: George Best

  • As she accepted the Intellectual Property Owner's Association 's 27th Annual Inventor of the Year award on June 28 for her work in tissue engineering--she is the first individual woman to win the award--her Donna Reed-style hair and her concerned expression made her look like a doctor about to apply a Band-Aid.

    FORBES: Advanced Tissue Sciences Founder Wins Inventor Award

  • Like many bald men, he believed that he could make up for his lack by wearing what hair he had brushed forward, Roman style—which never works—and by cultivating an abundant mustache.

    NEWYORKER: While the Women Are Sleeping

  • It was as if the head had been pulled out of a hat — not unlike its cousin on the cover of Weird Mysteries no. 6 (August-September 1953), which pretty clearly seems to have been modeled on the Nuremberg skull—right down to the way the curling hair has been transmuted into Gypsy-style earrings (Gypsies also being victims of the Nazi genocide).

    FORBES: Booked Review: Exorcising Horror Comics' Demons

  • If Groupon-style online marketing worked for spas and hair salons, could it also work for movies?

    FORBES: Former Groupon Exec's Prescreen Provides Outlet For Indie Movies

  • The man painting this picture stands 6 foot 4, has long arms flying out of an old cowboy leather vest, and curly hair fashioned in the student-Molotov-cocktail-thrower style last seen on Abby Hoffman in 1968.


  • The cover shows her head, teeth bared and hair teased into a manic clump, in place of the headlight on a chopper-style motorcycle.

    NEWYORKER: Show Runners

  • Her style, combining beautiful ensemble dancing with crazy solos which might involve disrobing, lighting a candle, hair-brushing, setting a newspaper on fire, even swimming, and always a great deal of talking, has had considerable influence on choreographers both inside and outside Germany.

    ECONOMIST: Germany is now the dance centre of the world

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