• Its gravitational field thus bends and focuses the light from the distant object, making it appear closer than it really is.

    ECONOMIST: Japan’s new telescope

  • Flying in formation, they could map the gravitational field of an asteroid or moon by monitoring tiny changes in their relative positions.

    ECONOMIST: Picosatellites

  • The vehicles reach about 50 miles above the Earth, so they have no need to clear the gravitational field and require much less fuel.


  • The hope is that the strength of the gravitational field across such short distances will be radically different from that experienced between bodies further apart.

    ECONOMIST: A matter of gravity

  • The problem becomes less acute once they've cleared the atmosphere, but the high speeds required to escape the Earth's gravitational field (more than 6.8 miles per second) necessitate an enormous amount of energy.

    FORBES: Houston, We Have Problems

  • At Oort-cloud distances, the strength of this combined gravity adds up to the same sort of force as that exerted by the solar gravitational field, enfeebled as it is by its remoteness from the sun.

    ECONOMIST: X marks the spot

  • The craft itself may not survive this, but it gives the project's engineers a chance to practise landing a spacecraft remotely on a relatively small target with a gravitational field that varies immensely from one place to another.


  • Indeed, some at the meeting argued that if aliens were to use an astronomical phenomenon called gravitational lensing (in which the gravitational field of the sun bends and amplifies radio waves and light from Earth), human signals could be amplified to the point where even the light from cities would be visible.

    ECONOMIST: An argument over whether to send messages to aliens

  • The coil is suspended in an external magnetic field and the current running through it adjusted so that the attraction between the two magnets balances the gravitational force on the suspended mass.

    ECONOMIST: Weighing a kilogram

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