• Good-hearted, hard-working and self-sacrificing men who are just trying to take care of their friends and families.

    FORBES: Are Men The Latest Victims Of Media Misrepresentation?

  • He personified America's notion of itself as both good-hearted and tough-minded, wised-up and amiable at the same time.

    NPR: Reagan Sequel? Hard Act for Thompson to Follow

  • By the time she leaves, her good-hearted promiscuity inspires the free-thinking mother (Diane Ladd) to new heights of proto-feminist passion.

    NEWYORKER: Rambling Rose

  • Private moments of encouragement occur in the series when Scott appears as a plain, good-hearted presence in scenes where a character hits a recognizable wall.

    FORBES: Commentary

  • The level of care he gets also depends on where he lives (because local authorities decide how much of their budgets to spend on the aged), and on whether he has children or good-hearted neighbours to help him.

    ECONOMIST: A political row overshadows the interests of the elderly

  • He is also seen as a good-hearted bumbler, whose administration fell because he couldn't count, and whose later attempt (as minister for constitutional affairs) to sort out the Quebec issue with the 1992 Charlottetown Accord failed in a referendum.

    ECONOMIST: Canada

  • There are differences here about what this even meant, which means we've got to go back and do the work of once again rebuilding the story and the narrative so that we're telling the right story about what happened and it's not lost on good-hearted American citizens who want to help.

    NPR: Study on Race and Rebuilding New Orleans

  • This creates momentum for those who want to cut governmental services because of their cold-hearted philosphical attitude and their interest in keeping themselves in the good graces of their corporate masters. (Keep those campaign contributionns coming and hold the door open for me for those outrageously paying consulting jobs when I retire from Congress).

    FORBES: The Minnesota Shutdown - A Glimpse Into The Nation's Future And The GOP's True Intentions

  • The good student and gifted drummer Lanisha (Kerry Washington), the sensitive, heavy-hearted Maria (Melissa Martinez), and the practical-minded Joycelyn (Anna Simpson) splendidly express the unpredictable ebb and flow of friendship and group spirit at a volatile stage of life.

    NEWYORKER: Our Song

  • Not the usual light-hearted fare that we aim for, but sometimes topical, newsy stuff yields good quotes.

    FORBES: Owed, On a Grecian, Earned

  • IR—It is good of Jean-Christian Lambelet (Letters, June 10th) to point out how kind-hearted the Swiss were between September and December 1942 to admit 96% of the Jewish asylum-seekers who presented themselves at the border.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • It is because almost everyone recognizes that he was a brilliant and gifted good hearted young man who was a core part of the new digital generation and was engaged in making political-social change.

    FORBES: 26-Year-Old Internet Folk Hero Commits Suicide After Years Of Government Harassment

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