• Chun, the most gregarious, is a go-between for Chinese T-shirt manufacturers and their Iranian customers.

    ECONOMIST: Iran and China

  • The site acts as a go-between, setting some basic ground rules and handling matters like processing payments.

    FORBES: Forget the Half-Baked Theories on Hostess. We Need Fresh Solutions to Help the Workers Left Behind.

  • Slowly, as the rest of us gave up, she became a sort of go-between betwixt us and our unreal personas.

    FORBES: The Future

  • Jin Fuxing, Haier's go-between on the deal, says it is furthering official objectives in launching this first of 10 planned emerging-market SEZs.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Would investors be better served by an automated order-matching system in which there is no go-between trying to pick up a dime?

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He was go-between for the Clinton administration when it was dealing with President Hafez Assad of Syria and the Palestinians' Yasser Arafat.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • The impolite truth is that Robert Forster was The Go-Between's lesser half.

    NPR: Go-Betweens' Robert Forster Goes Solo

  • Japan seemed reluctant to be cast as the go-between, but was encouraged to persuade America and Europe that they needed to do more.

    ECONOMIST: Burying the Asian miracle

  • The idea behind the cable bid is to act as a go-between in the industry's consolidation, then wriggle out, perhaps through a stockmarket listing.

    ECONOMIST: German banking investments

  • The meteoric rise of such go-between services is ironic, because just a few years ago most people thought the Internet would spell the end of middlemen.

    ECONOMIST: In one form or another, electronic commerce is here to stay

  • Nevertheless, they keep in touch, writing letters to each other and using Quinn (Rip Torn), the grizzled owner of a New York pool hall, as a go-between.

    NEWYORKER: Turn the River

  • At the same time, the western powers have been forced to acknowledge that Russia, because of its historical ties to Serbia, may well be needed as a go-between.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of NATO

  • Up to now, the main argument had been over the difference between proprietary trading (banks making their own bets) versus market making (acting as a go-between to allow other parties to make bets).

    FORBES: 3 Ways Banks Will Be Killed by New Rules

  • Two years ago, the king, under pressure from the Cambodian government, pardoned Ieng Sary, who had once been Pol Pot's foreign minister, but had more recently become a useful go-between in arranging defections.

    ECONOMIST: Cambodia

  • The go-between in this merchandising effort, which benefits Afghan women and their families, is a 51-year-old former Goldman Sachs (nyse: GS - news - people ) managing director, Connie K. Duckworth.

    FORBES: Buy a Rug, Educate A Girl

  • Mr Blair's friends challenged this hurtful interpretation of events, on the ground that most sensible European countries were only too pleased to have a partner whose intimacy with the United States made it a natural transatlantic go-between.

    ECONOMIST: Blair of Arabia

  • They included Kim Jong U, who had been in charge of attracting foreign investments to a free-trade zone, and Choi Yong Hae, who had links to South Korean businessmen, and who had been something of a go-between for the two Koreas.

    ECONOMIST: North Korea

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