• This would be cost-effective because most equipment in rich countries is already fuel-efficient.

    ECONOMIST: A cooling off period

  • This traded annual supplies of heavy fuel oil, and eventually two western-designed nuclear reactors, for North Korea's agreement to shut down its own plutonium-rich reactor, whose fuel rods could have been reprocessed into bomb cores.

    ECONOMIST: North Korea

  • Motorists' thirst for fuel does indeed seem to be faltering in rich countries.

    ECONOMIST: The oil price should fall—eventually

  • That mixture is then fed into a fuel reformer that turns it into a hydrogen-rich gas.

    FORBES: Paint Power

  • This might be because America uses more oil for each unit of output than other rich countries, so the higher cost of fuel hits growth—and thus the dollar—harder.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Pirates hijacked a fuel tanker off the coast of Nigeria's oil-rich delta, taking Pakistani and Nigerian sailors hostage in the latest attack targeting the region, private security officials said Tuesday.

    NPR: Fuel Tanker Reportedly Hijacked Off Nigeria Coast

  • Russia has been touting its proposal to produce nuclear fuel for Iran as a way of defusing Western worries that oil-rich Tehran is secretly developing an atomic weapons program.

    NPR: Iran Refuses Key Condition in Russia Nuclear Talks

  • The second fiction is that squeezing the rich can absolve the rank and file from privation (other than dearer fuel, tobacco and drink).

    ECONOMIST: Politics and the British budget

  • And the Morales decision follows a trend by oil and gas-rich Latin American nations seeking a larger share of the profits from fossil fuel extractions, and exerting greater control over the energy sector.

    NPR: Bolivia Takes Control of Domestic Energy Industry

  • This is a budget which, far from investing in future growth or helping the poor, favours the rich with cuts in capital-gains and inheritance taxes: devices likely to fuel the already giddy stockmarket and to bring the country just what it needs least, a consumer-spending boom.

    ECONOMIST: Use it, don’t lose it

  • Many of these nations are rich in natural resources and commodities which will become very important in the next decade as the fuel of economic growth.

    FORBES: China's Multilateralist Strategy Unveiled

  • The government's bold decision to cut fuel subsidies from January 1st, however much economic sense it might make, has further widened the gap between rich and poor.

    ECONOMIST: Nigeria: The spreading northern insurgency | The

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