• As a filmmaker, Boyle makes use of a florid color palette, quick, tourettic cuts and wildly tilted frames.

    FORBES: Slumming It

  • The headlines have been as dramatic as ever, but however florid the exposition any narrative when compared to 2008 simply cannot compete.

    FORBES: After The Healing Will Come A Bull

  • Indian recipes assume a similarly deep knowledge of cooking, although they splendidly combine brevity with the sort of florid touches that David admired.

    ECONOMIST: What cookbooks really teach us

  • Barash dismisses, on flimsy grounds, the idea that it is the florid advertisements of chimps that need explaining, and not our lack of them.

    NEWYORKER: It Ain’t Necessarily So

  • And Qadhafi aimed his florid rhetoric at rebel fighters, not civilians.

    FORBES: The Isolationist Charge: The Last Refuge Of The Scoundrel

  • The florid abusive rhetoric distracts from the multiple taxation of capital investment income, which is actually taxed at least four separate times under our tax code.

    FORBES: Correcting President Obama's Myriad Tax Fallacies

  • In interpretive style, he tends toward subtlety rather than flamboyance, avoiding the abrupt accents, florid ornaments, and freewheeling tempos that are fashionable in Baroque performance practice.

    NEWYORKER: The Book of Bach

  • The old man, well accustomed to these sorts of speeches, though not usually this florid, filed away at his nails and waited for the breeze to stop.

    NEWYORKER: Nawabdin Electrician

  • Such florid romanticism may provoke derision on the other side of the Atlantic, never mind how closely it parallels Mr Bush's belief in his duty to spread freedom.

    ECONOMIST: French anti-Americanism

  • Ignatius Huggeford in florid script, has a perfectly ordinary brass movement, except for the enormous ruby incongruously affixed to it, like a flamboyant hood ornament on a Honda Civic.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Another dilemma: Should I defend my original column (" Fat, florid, farcical") or the imaginary Microsoft suck-up job that Dvorak thinks I wrote and somewhat justifiably tees off on?

    FORBES: Dvorak is wrong

  • The prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, may be the most prolific (and florid) of all, with eight books to his name, including two of poetry and a history of Napoleon's 100 days.

    ECONOMIST: Why French politicians produce so many books

  • Former Afghan officials say that the bribery and influence-peddling was at times florid and spectacular, with some of it unfolding in Dubai, the Vegas-like sheikhdom where many high Afghan officials maintain second homes.

    NEWYORKER: The Afghan Bank Heist

  • Finally, when everyone seemed exhausted from too much talking and jittery from too much tea, we left the castle after many florid pronouncements from all sides testifying as to the great productivity of the day and assurances to meet again soon.

    NPR: Sergeant Notes Odd Rituals of War in Afghanistan

  • But Jordan manages to unite everything—the florid imagery, the dark emotional undertones, the flaky comedy, the astonishing physical beauty of the Irish seacoast—into a single, unbroken mood, a smooth arc connecting the past and the present, the familiar and the unforeseen.

    NEWYORKER: The Miracle

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