• What it is to fall ill, prevent, treat and care in Wales and England looked increasingly distinctive too.

    BBC: Wales in 2012 - the year of ...

  • Water treatment plants in several states had shut down, contaminating drinking water and causing Americans to fall ill.

    WHITEHOUSE: Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously

  • You will be more likely to fall ill ( American Journal of Sociology).

    FORBES: Careers And Marriage

  • Individuals who are ill should delay travel plans and returning travellers who fall ill should seek appropriate medical care.


  • Luis Escobar, a player on the opposing Team Blackwatch, was on the grounds when the horses began to fall ill.

    CNN: Officials suspect drug reaction or toxins in Florida horse deaths

  • People who suffer from depression symptoms are far more likely to fall ill with heart disease, a major research paper suggests.

    BBC: Depression may boost heart risk

  • Doctors have warned that anyone who consumed 30 millilitres of the toxic liquor could take up to 12 days to fall ill.

    BBC: Illegal alcohol deaths

  • Without vaccines, countless thousands of people would fall ill every holiday season after mingling with other shoppers, and some would likely die.

    FORBES: Anti-Vaccine Ads at the Movies

  • More and more people began to fall ill, and thousands took to the streets in protest, but the government's response was slow.

    ECONOMIST: A toxic-waste scandal shows up the country's fragility

  • As more workers fall ill, company health schemes will become meaner.

    ECONOMIST: South African firms are struggling to cope as AIDS spreads

  • American health care might be a mess, but it seems like each time the princes and aristocrats of the world fall ill they rush to the U.S. for treatment.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Many disability policies provide income support after you fall ill but can still work, or after a medical crisis has passed and you are getting back on your feet.

    WSJ: Conquering Retirement: Uncovering Hidden Disability Benefits

  • Furthermore, they call sooner upon public support when they need care—and, indeed, are likelier to fall ill (married people, the numbers show, are not only happier but considerably healthier).

    ECONOMIST: Gay marriage

  • Foreign-made baby formula is popular in China, especially since a locally-manufactured formula laced with the industrial chemical melamine killed six infants in 2008 and caused another 300, 000 to fall ill.

    BBC: Baby milk rationed in UK over China export fear

  • The report said not knowing who will fall ill, when it will strike and how bad it will become, means the health sector is often inefficient and prone to corruption.

    BBC: Analysis

  • The proposal is contained in a private member's bill by Labour backbencher Mick Antoniw, who wants companies to reimburse the NHS for treating employees who fall ill after working with asbestos.

    BBC: NHS asbestos refund law opposed by insurance companies

  • Mis-selling of PPI, which is supposed to help people meet their loan repayments if they fall ill or lose their jobs, is currently the biggest source of unresolved problems in the financial services industry.

    BBC: More time for new PPI complaints, FSA says

  • On the outskirts of Shenzhen, over 3, 000 people blocked a highway and surrounded government offices after hundreds fall ill from foul air emitted from a sewage plant, according to Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News.

    BBC: China media: Political models

  • It says it has solid evidence that participation in the programme more than pays for the rewards: active participants are less likely to fall ill and, if they do, they spend a shorter time in hospital.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • When key workers fall ill or get afraid and low paid workers simply do not turn up for work food stores will have empty shelves, close and be looted, gas pumps will be dry and prescription drugs not delivered.

    FORBES: U.S. Is Following China H7N9 Flu "Closely," Sees "Low" Int'l Risk

  • "If their employer is not paying employers' National Insurance, unbeknownst to them they may not then be entitled to statutory maternity pay if they become pregnant, they may not be entitled to statutory sick pay if they fall ill, " he said.

    BBC: Tax loophole for UK businesses set to close

  • But people are screen detected, they're screen, they're, if they fall ill on the aeroplane they are detected as well, and it would really only be if people developed the disease while they were at the airport collecting their luggage from the carousel.


  • The university sent e-mails to faculty members asking them to create contingency plans so that sick students are not required to go to class, and to commuter students and their parents warning them that the students may have to be isolated if they fall ill.

    CNN: Swine flu goes to college

  • Today, small businesses can see their premiums skyrocket if just one or two workers fall ill and accumulate high medical costs -- reform will prevent insurance discrimination based on health status, meaning that small businesses will no longer be unfairly penalized if a worker falls ill.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • The difference, perhaps, is that most European systems have a clearer default option for those who fall seriously ill with no plans or preferences.

    ECONOMIST: End-of-life care

  • The level of violence in Iraq will fall as an ill-equipped Iraqi police force turns repressive and brutal to fight insurgents.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • At the same time, paying the medical expenses for the 65- to 67-year-olds who do become ill will fall either on private insurers or Medicaid.

    FORBES: Left Behind: Will Cutting Medicare Hurt Seniors?

  • But although all the excited talk about a great fall in standards seems ill-founded, evidence does exist that as pupils have become increasingly aware of which subjects are the hardest to pass they have deserted them.

    ECONOMIST: Exam results

  • That gap is the spending squeeze hitting many households harder than unemployment, and fuelling the sharp fall in consumer confidence that bodes ill for future job numbers.

    BBC: Working out the jobless figures

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