• Of the mass man, the automated turbine and drill bit and bore, yes?

    NEWYORKER: Wiggle Room

  • It has good cash flow generation and upside potential from the drill bit.

    FORBES: 3 Canadian Stocks to Get Global Exposure

  • "One of the things BP hasn't gotten credit for is how successful they've been with the drill bit, " he says.

    FORBES: Going deep

  • Then a few more hundred feet is drilled with a narrower drill bit and then the narrower casing is run and cemented in.

    FORBES: The Fracking Solution Is A Good Cement Job

  • Who wants to go out in the snow to get the exact screwdriver or drill bit, when you can usually find a semi-passable workaround?

    FORBES: Do You Have the Right Tools to Succeed?

  • Every employee is trained to do every job, and they're free to fix their own problems--without waiting hours for a specialist to replace a drill bit, for instance.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It seems that the targeted sands which have resulted in very rich discoveries offshore in several very big wells drilled by others are just below the drill bit.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But for shale gas, once the drill reaches the shale rock underground, the drill bit is turned horizontally to bore a well that stretches through the natural gas producing shale.

    FORBES: China Closer To Joining Shale Gas Fracking Craze

  • With each new well, new tools are being developed to deal with the intense pressures and temperatures involved with controlling a drill bit that is 6 miles into the earth.

    FORBES: McMoRan DeRisks the Ultra Deep As It Nears a Financial Bonanza

  • Over the last two years McMoRan and Energy XXI, its exploration partner, have seen their shares surge and collapse with both oil and gas prices and also their success with the drill bit.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He fell, landing on the drill bit.

    FORBES: The Most Dangerous Power Tools

  • Using Linux-based servers working in parallel, they generate a computer model of how a drill bit must twist and turn to hit one or more formations as much as 9, 000 meters below the sea floor.

    FORBES: The delicate art of sucking up

  • Those deep water rigs use an enormous amount of diesel fuel to turn the drill bit, and also resist the force that is turning the drill bit and would otherwise force the platform to start turning in the opposite direction.

    FORBES: Petroleum Balance

  • First Castle looks for industries making unsexy, overlooked products like diamond-studded drill-bit inserts, airplane toilets and class rings.

    FORBES: The LBO Method

  • Yet a survey of both the drill-bit manufacturers, which were Synthetic's immediate customers, and the drilling companies hinted that those projections were light.

    FORBES: Money & Investing

  • Inside the riser pipe is a space about half a meter in diameter, large enough to hold the spinning drill pipe and bit and to allow the return flow of drilling fluid.

    FORBES: The delicate art of sucking up

  • This is a posture review obviously designed to drill down a bit on places like North Korea and Iran, and to demonstrate to countries around the world, as I said earlier, if you live up to those obligations, you will enjoy the benefits of being an active, responsible member of the international community.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefings

  • Sudarsan Raghavan, Washington Post's Baghdad bureau chief, joins us to help drill down on these stories a little bit.

    NPR: The Week in Iraq

  • Super lifehacker Tim Ferriss is a bit of a masochist, the kind of guy who will ask doctors to drill a chunk of muscle out of his leg to analyze the fibers.

    FORBES: The 4-Minute Tim Ferriss: Learning to Meta-Learn at SXSW

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